Access Premium Insights with Conversational Intelligence

With conversational intelligence, you can utilize the power of AI and machine learning to deeply analyze your calls, on the spot. Attract more leads, convert them and empower your team.

Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2
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Conversation intelligence software -  Call Recordings & Transcription


Deep understanding of each phone call

There are hidden gems in every conversation. With secure call recordings, and crystal-clear transcriptions – fueled by AI – you can analyze every customer interaction, identify trends, and unearth actionable insights that would otherwise remain hidden.


Valuable information in mere seconds

Find out who called, how long the call lasted and what was said without having to go through a whole transcript. AI generated call summaries will provide you with all the data you need in just a few seconds. Save time without compromising on your data quality.

Conversation intelligence software - AI Generated Call Summaries
AI Generated Call Summaries - Word & Phrase Spotting


Key call insights with Word & Phrase Spotting

AI-powered conversational analytics on Nimbata goes one step further. With advanced word and phrase spotting technology you can identify key talking points, track specific customer mentions, and even flag opportunities for improvement. Optimize your approach and leverage the true power of your call data.


Feel the emotional beat of every call

Uncover the pulse of your calls with sentiment analysis. Don’t stop at what’s been said. Analyze how it is said, as well. By identifying positive, negative, or neutral sentiment, you can understand customer satisfaction levels, pinpoint areas of frustration, and tailor your approach for happier interactions.

Word & Phrase Spotting - Sentimental Analysis Feature
Conversational Analytics Software - Automations


Bring advanced Automations into your everyday work

Use the Automations builder and let Nimbata take a huge burden from your hands. Filter calls, automate tasks, tag calls, assign call values and send data to your integrated software without a single push of a button. Take back control of your time and reduce manual work.

Cut through the clutter and gain valuable insights from your calls

Discover how Nimbata can help you change the marketing game of your business. Robust analytics and call tracking will bring you valuable leads to convert.

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Rene Hanli
Digital Marketing Specialist at Vezzlemedia

What you wanted other call tracking providers to be.  The customer service from Nimbata might be the best I’ve gotten from any company”

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Steven Laff
Marketing Agency Owner at AFSB

” We have used several companies in this space, most recently CallRail, which unfortunately kept getting worse…. [Nimbata] has been our best decision in the call tracking space in over a decade.

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Markellos Diorinos
CEO at Bryq

” Great customer support – love their instant messenger thingy …Finally we can calculate ROI on click-to-call ads”

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Dinesh Kumar
Business Owner at 55places

“Nimbata excels in integrating with various APIs, allowing seamless connections with existing business software.”

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Tino Umo
Agency owner at Searchgage

Nimbata’s per-call cost significantly reduced our call tracking expenses by 70% in comparison to other platforms out there

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Adrien Lafranchi
Business owner at Soshome

Much better than calltrackingmetrics…[Nimbata is] really easy to use, the support service is just amazing, i think the best i’ve seen.”

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Track call sources, analyze lead quality, optimize your campaigns.

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Organize, Filter and score your leads all in one place