Track organic and paid call performance, analyze caller insights, and identify trends and opportunities.

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Learn, adapt, scale

Effortlessly view core call metrics, understand performance, identify needs for budget allocation, and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

Call performance reporting - call's and lead's insights

Analyze call and lead insights in-depth

Obtain a unified view of the path taken before, during, and after the call, connecting call data to caller actions seamlessly.

Call Tracking Integrations

Move your call data effortlessly

Effortlessly push your data to GSheets, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Looker Studio, or export them to .xlsx and .csv, creating a unified source of truth for your marketing analytics.

Call Distribution Insights

Explore performance across channels, identify high-quality phone lead sources, and glean insights to enhance your optimization strategy.

Call Distribution Report showcase the calls per channel, UTM, Campaign
Call Distribution Report

Swiftly pinpoint converting channels

Recreate success by identifying its roots. Call distribution reports display converted calls, qualified/unqualified calls, and support calls categorized by channels, campaigns, and UTM or custom parameters.

Missed Call report
New vs Repeat

Grasp caller behavior and loyalty trends.

Evaluate your ability to attract and retain callers. Utilize New vs Repeat Caller reports to analyze caller behavior, loyalty, and areas for improvement.


Stay on top of your call performance

Explore Trends for a comprehensive view of your phone calls—daily, weekly, or monthly. Break down details by source, channel, campaign, tag, or tracking number.

Visitor-level Insights

From ad click to sale, see what’s in between.

Missed Call report

View the full history of each lead.

Compile page views, form submissions, and call data into a report to pinpoint the signals influencing caller engagement.

Call Distribution Report showcase the calls per channel, UTM, Campaign
Caller Journey

Discover which pages drove each call

Dive into the Caller Journey report for a detailed overview of how each caller journeyed to the final call.

Missed Call report
Geography Report

Learn where your callers are coming from

Analyze calls by country, state, and city to know your callers’ locations.

Call Insights

Everything you need to know about your phone calls.

Call Distribution Report showcase the calls per channel, UTM, Campaign
Who hung-up

Who hung-up? The caller or the agent?

Find the answer in our Who hung-up report.

Missed Call report
Average Call Duration

Qualify calls based on duration.

Explore variations in average call duration daily, weekly, monthly, by channels, campaigns, or destination numbers.

Lost Opportunities

Turn your missed calls into an opportunity for improvement.

Missed Call report
Missed Calls

Spot new Lost Opportunities

Optimize response time to missed calls by monitoring in real-time.

Missed Call report
Missed Calls by Hour

Discover missed calls patterns based on hour

Spot missed call patterns to refine handling and optimize outcomes. Adjust staffing for busy hours and leave comforting greetings for after-hours calls.

Missed Call report
Missed Calls by Destination

Pinpoint opportunities for agent performance improvement

Take strategic steps to improve call handling and customer service, including adjustments to call routing, resource allocation, and ensuring timely responses.

Bring flexibility to your call tracking reports

Build reports customized to your clients’ or your needs.

Call Tracking Reports magic Dashboard

Available Call Reports for Dashboard

Drag ‘n’ drop any of our reports to have all the information you need in a single view ready to be shared with your team or clients.

Call Tracking Reports box arrow down Call Activity View

Call activity view - Your CRM but for phone leads

Call Activity view is your CRM for phone leads. Store info, listen, download recordings, read transcripts, tag calls, export leads.

Call Tracking Reports shuffle Filters

Call Tracking Reports - Filters

For large data, filters are essential. Apply call-based, attribution-based, and caller-based filters for precise insights in reports, dashboards, and views.

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Rene Hanli
Digital Marketing Specialist at Vezzlemedia

What you wanted other call tracking providers to be.  The customer service from Nimbata might be the best I’ve gotten from any company”


Steven Laff
Marketing Agency Owner at AFSB

” We have used several companies in this space, most recently CallRail, which unfortunately kept getting worse…. [Nimbata] has been our best decision in the call tracking space in over a decade.

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Markellos Diorinos
CEO at Bryq

” Great customer support – love their instant messenger thingy …Finally we can calculate ROI on click-to-call ads”


Dinesh Kumar
Business Owner at 55places

“Nimbata excels in integrating with various APIs, allowing seamless connections with existing business software.”

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Tino Umo
Agency owner at Searchgage

Nimbata’s per-call cost significantly reduced our call tracking expenses by 70% in comparison to other platforms out there


Adrien Lafranchi
Business owner at Soshome

Much better than calltrackingmetrics…[Nimbata is] really easy to use, the support service is just amazing, i think the best i’ve seen.”

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Nimbata is a leader in Small-Business Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2