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Nimbata Call Tracking helps marketers understand the campaigns, that make customers pick up their phone – so that you can focus on growing revenues and reducing acquisition costs.

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Your customers are calling!

Quality phone leads are already coming your way. Leverage on the power of call tracking & call analytics to get more of them. Identify the campaigns driving prospects to call your business and those that are quietly burning your valuable marketing budget.


Discover hidden conversions.

Measure conversions when customers opt to pick up the phone and call your business instead of transact online.

Insights to Actions

Optimize towards perfection.

Identify and capitalize faster on the ads that drive phone leads to grow your sales and reduce acquisition costs.

customer experience

Listen to what customers are saying.

Enhance the buying experience with conversational intelligence and ensure interactions are not being left to chance. 

A unique story lies behind each phone call.

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Customize and align your analytics dashboard with your marketing strategy to receive immediate insights on acquisitions and customer behaviors.

Call Tracking Reports in Real Time

Integrate Seamlessly With The Leading Industry Apps.

Monitor performance and analyze results without switching platforms.

Nimbata’s call tracking app integrates with many of the leading industry apps to untie your hands and make your decision making much easier.

Having call data is great. But, being able to use that data in your CRM and across your marketing stack makes for a much more powerful tool.

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The Best Phone Call Attribution Tool for:


Showcase the real value of your marketing efforts to clients & help them grow faster, driving more qualified leads to their businesses.


Present the actual online & offline conversions your campaigns generate and ensure a higher budget to invest in.


Invest your marketing budget wisely in those campaigns that have a positive impact on your revenue streams.

Sales & Operations

Use Call Recordings & Transcriptions to monitor conversations, qualify your sales scripts and train your call agents.

Built with you in mind.

Actionable insights for marketing and sales teams


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You don’t need advanced technical skills to set it up. A couple of minutes is enough to get everything ready and to start measuring your inbound calls. 


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Instantly get local & toll-free tracking numbers for over 70 countries in Europe, USA, Canada, South America and Australia to evaluate your marketing campaigns globally.

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We offer 5-star customer support to businesses committed to success. Our team of experts is always here to help you maximize the benefits of call tracking.


Assign call tracking numbers to your online and offline advertising channels and discover which of your campaigns deliver valuable leads and sales.


Turn to your call analytics dashboard to get the real, omni-channel view of your marketing performance and better understand what your customers need.

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Use customer insights to create actionable tasks and measurable goals. Optimize your campaigns and invest budgets smarter so that you win more valuable customers.

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