Nimbata Call Tracking

Simple to use call tracking platform for the modern marketer.

Understand which keywords, digital ads, social campaigns or direct marketing efforts are driving calls to your business.

Easy as 1-2-3

Beautiful and intuitive design
paired with the most robust analytics.

Phone Numbers

Assign local or toll free numbers to your business.

Dynamic or Static Placement

Publish tracking number on assets (ads, anything digital, offline).

Dashboards & Analytics

Attribute phone sales or leads and optimize marketing ROI.

Call Tracking

Driving decisions from data

Local or Toll Free Numbers

Select tracking numbers suitable for you business. Enhance contextual awareness through support for your audience’s local geography.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamically publish tracking numbers and attribute phone leads or sales to specific: sources, campaigns, keywords, posts and more.


Powerful analytics with pre-built interactive reports. Analyze data in real-time or integrate it with your CRM.

Call Center Functionality

Sophisticated call scheduling (priority, geo, multiline), call recording, whispers, click2dial and all the call center features so that your business never misses another phone sale or lead again.

A connected platform

Seamless integrations with some of the world leading Analytics, CRM & CMS platforms.

Connect and view information from your favorite marketing apps.

  • Publish the Nimbata tracking pixel in minutes with Google Tag Manager or our WordPress plugin.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Google Ads and push call details to your everyday tools for one-stop reporting, optimized bidding and improved reach.
  • Send phone lead data to your CRM with our APIs or Hubspot integration.
  • Use our Zapier app to integrate your nimbata account with thousands of different web-applications.



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