Call Tracking

How Does Nimbata Know Which Ads, Listings Or Placements Make Your Phone Ring?

Nimbata's technology bridges online with offline, by mapping the campaigns, keywords and landing pages that made your customers pick up their phone.

Select tracking numbers for your campaigns.

Simply assign the marketing channels you would like each number to track and we’ll do the rest. These will be the phone numbers leads or prospects call when trying to connect with your business.

Attribute calls to campaigns with DNI on your site.

Tell us which number you would like swapped out from your website and our script will find all versions of it and automatically replace it with one of your tracking numbers.

This small but important feature will let you know which ad, campaign, or search term got your lead’s attention to pick up the phone and call your business.

Personalize conversations and enhance the customer experience.

Use custom call flows to ensure callers reach the best person for the job. With our intelligent routing and advanced rules you can personalize conversations based on times, day, location and more.

Get a clear understanding on what drives your prospects to call.

Callers will visit your business multiple times before deciding to pick up the phone and call. Understand your lead’s journey and hidden call metrics that drive stronger connections.

Tag , score and qualify leads automatically.

Tag and score leads after each call and turn your focus to winning them as customers. Alternatively, use Nimbata’s built-in automation rules to automatically qualify leads so your team can get more of those sales.

…or deliver data to your favorite apps.

Push call events and conversions to third party tools such as Google Analytics. Monitor how many phone calls each channel brings or set goals to capture call conversions from individual campaigns.

A unique story lies behind each phone call.

Combine visit data such as campaign, keyword, adgroup, landing page or custom utms with each received call.

By assigning local or toll-free tracking numbers to your marketing channels, you can attribute calls to the sources driving them and optimize your efforts to convert more customers, more easily.

Generate tracking numbers that dynamically swap on your website and reveal the keyword, landing page, campaign or any other source that inspired the caller to pick up the phone and act.

Get real-time access to our detailed acquisition and behavioral reports. Understand who your callers are and which of your marketing campaigns are driving valuable phone leads.

Utilize our powerful integrations with industry-leading apps and send call data to your CRM to get a clear understanding of your customers’ journey throughout the sales funnel.

Tap into our call add-ons to prepare agents, route calls, monitor conversations in order to provide an enhanced customer experience, and never leave any phone leads unattended.

All the features you need.

Availability in 70+ countries
Real-time number setup
Local numbers
Toll-free numbers
Number Port-Ins
Call recording
Caller ID Masking
Custom call-tagging
Whisper messages
Greeting messages
Smart Call Scheduling
Simultaneous ring
Priority Ringing
Unlimited users
Unlimited brands/clients
Email call notifications
Advanced reporting
Dynamic phone numbers
Call Transcriptions
Inbound & Outbound SMS

Interested in White Labeling?

Call Tracking is an essential tool for every marketing agency.
With our White Labeling option, you can incorporate Nimbata call tracking software to your offered services in order to enhance your clients’ Marketing ROI, but also prove value to them.
All these under your own brand and with your own pricing options! Let us handle all the technical details and focus on the actions that matter.

Multi Client Account.

Whether you handle a marketing agency or a business with two or more accounts, you can tap into Nimbata’s multi-client account option in order to: Access and manage all your clients under a single account and easily switch between the different brands you manage. Create in seconds customized dashboards to isolate key metrics and monitor your accounts’ overall performance. Select the ways you want to view your accounts utilizing our advanced filtering options. Share view-only access to your clients or easily extract the data to build tailored reports.

Ready to learn what drives calls to your business?

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