Connect Nimbata with powerful Marketing, CRM, Data Visualisation Tools

And the best part? – You can only send the call data that really matter.

nimbata integrations - call tracking

Shine a light on your marketing dark spots
with Nimbata Integrations

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Leave behind your unattributed conversions.

Send Call events to your ad tools like Google Ads and Bing Ads, reveal new insights about your campaigns, ads and keywords and make more data-backed decisions.

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Enrich your CRM with
new leads.

Push phone calls to your CRM and create new contacts or update your existing ones. Keep track on your customer’s complete journey, assign tasks, create efficient nurture processes and keep your team align.

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Take action on missed opportunities instantly.

Transform unanswered calls into opportunity – Notify your team for the missed leads through Slack or Email Notifications and make sure to follow up asap, so that you never miss a potential customer.

Jumpstart your Marketing Campaigns

Get more out of your marketing tool stack with nimbata integrations – optimize your campaigns’ performance based on unrevealed insights, report the full value of your efforts, and highlight your true ROI.

Apps & Integrations Criteo

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Google Ads

Apps & Integrations bing

Microsoft Ads

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Simplify Lead Management Process

Connect your Call Activity with your CRM and discover how your phone leads turn into paying customers. Easily create new contacts when a new phone lead is generated or update your existing ones based on new caller’s activity – avoid duplicated contacts and keep your CRM as clean as it gets.

zoho crm

Zoho CRM

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Connect with everything via Zapier, Webhook, API

Push Call Events and Call Activity in any app, combine data from different sources and automate effortless your entire marketing processes.

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Nimbata API

Nimbata API

Integrations powered by Zapier

⚡️ by Zapier

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integration triggers

Get data and conversion accuracy.

Integration triggers reduce distractions caused by blurry data – set rules based on caller behavior and send to your favorite tools only the call data that matter.