WTF is going on with Threads? Predictions by a Social Media Manager


“Will we be on Threads?”
“What’s our Threads Strategy”
“Will we keep our Twitter active?”
“Are our customers on Threads yet?”
“Which are our Threads KPIs?”
“We just planned our Marketing Strategy for Q3, is this going to change?”
“Are there gonna be ads on Threads? Do we need budget? WE DON’T HAVE ANY MARKETING BUDGET LEFT – Let’s schedule a call to discuss about budget allocation”
“Did you hear about Treatz?”
“WTF is Threads Loukia, I heard that on the radio”

Hype, hype, hype, and oh some more HYPE!

My inbox is full of these messages, and I can understand it, FOMO is getting real with this app. But, yes….

WTF is Threads?

Threads is a new app, built by the Instagram team, for sharing text updates and joining public conversations, pretty much like Twitter.

Threads, an app from Instagram

What I think about Threads as a Social Media Manager

30 million users in a few hours, is quite a lot, but will be there any left in a year from now?

3 things I like the most:

The Hype of already having followers

Gaining followers, going viral, and getting attention, are things we aim for when we are on social media. Joining Threads means you already have some or even all of your Instagram followers- you don’t have to start new and built a community. That’s what will encourage Thread users to be active even during the first minutes of joining – there will be already people that will read/see what they are posting.

UX – No Learning Curve

Social media have trained us right. We use Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, BeReal, Pinterest and Facebook daily (ok, maybe not Facebook), my point is that our fingers and minds are trained to use different interfaces and switch between these apps in seconds. Threads is very simple to use, in fact you already know how to use it. The Easy-to-join, Easy-to-use culture is there, and we are here for it too.

The “Twitter Alternative” Concept and the Timing

Trust me, there are people out there who want to use Twitter, they like Twitter’s concept but they don’t actually like Twitter – if you know what I mean.

Twitter has gone to pot for a while now. Everyone talks about how much they hate Twitter – so yes the Twitter Alternative thing was a good move to promote the app (Oh, and Zuckerberg’s tweet about Threads – great one). Threads will attract this audience and this audience will love Threads. So, business-wise there was a gap in the Market and Threads will probably cover it – let’s see.

3 reasons I believe Threads will leave the chat soon

It’s only hype

We have seen so many apps going viral and then disappearing, and I think that this will be Threads’ future. Why? Because someday in the near future, we will just forget that it ever existed, it will still exist but it won’t have so many active users and will eventually fade out – we will just forget to use it.

The lack of core basic features

No DMs. No follow or chronological feed.No lists. No basic search. No hashtags. No gifs.No editing.

Yes, the features will come in eventually but will we be there for it? It’s 2023, features like edit, delete, feeds, and hashtags are the bare minimum of an app. We are trained to have high standards when we first use an app so, unless they put their devs in a hurry, I don’t think that we will be in Threads when they will be finally launched, and that’s because we will feel limited.

Meta’s Privacy is a big Turn off


Bottom line, I am not sure if I will eventually join Threads with my personal account unless there will be a “Delete account” feature. As a Social Media Manager, I will connect my business accounts to try and increase reachability, awareness and maybe find new audiences leveraging the discoverability which is promised by Threads. But, for now I’ll sit tight, and play around a little bit using my business’ accounts – and this will be my advice for every Marketer out there stressing about Threads.

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