3 Reasons Why Calls Convert Better Than Forms

calls convert better than forms

A phone call is a process of attempting contact with someone by dialing the allocated number to an individual or entity, which involves using spoken words as a means of communication. Data can be collated over the phone by listening and providing the right answers to all the questions asked. The online form is a means of collating data that involves the user surfing the web to locate the website where the data is needed or to register for a particular service. This post explains why calls are the best way of collecting data and why calls convert better than forms. Here are some of the reasons:

Optimized for Mobile

Technology should make life simpler, not harder. Mobile phones are designed to make life easier as you only need to click to perform several functions. Mobile phones are presently the most used device, and only a click is needed to make a phone call. Swiping on the phone to fill a form does not make things simpler but harder.

Adapting to the fact that the phone is used more often than other devices should be taken into account when deciding the best way to collate data. Since the phone was not specifically designed for filling forms, users are easily discouraged when there is a prompt requesting them to fill in a form.   

Better Lead Quality

Phone calls to prospective users or clients provide a better chance to convey ideas or information about your services and products. You will be able to listen to the complaints, questions and give adequate answers to what the users haveasked immediately.  

Receiving a call shows the level of interest the caller has in your product. The immediate response is also very impressive to prospective consumers, and it also breeds trust between you and the consumers. It brings them closer to being convinced by your sales pitch and becoming a lead.

An online form does not provide such answers as users only close the page when they are not convinced with what they have seen. Forms could be long and could get boring, but a conversation with a human rarely gets boring.

You also receive better assurance during a call, and you are also the sole determinant of what the user thinks of your service. Forms can be filled without interest in the services, and they could lie about important criteria. Phone calls give an instant revelation of how the advertising strategy is fairing, and it offers accurate details of your about your consumers.

Leads Connect To The Right Agent

Depending on the services needed by the client, you can refer them to the appropriate agent to guide them through and explain all you want to tell them. Not all forms end up in the right location; calls received from customers are answered immediately at the appropriate location and by the appropriate handler. It reduces the loss of data due to human error. Limiting human error in your business increases your chance of providing the best service.

After a good phone call, all necessary information needed would have been collated by you, and you can also ask questions that are personal to each client, which could make them feel special and increase their level of interest in your business.