Form Tracking Data at your fingerprints
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Track forms and lead quality, while discovering unique lead journeys.

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+5000 brands and agencies run on Nimbata daily

Your leads in one place:
Track, qualify, analyze, convert with ease

Take control of your form leads

Track your forms alongside calls, measure conversion rates, and analyze your lead activity to make smarter data-driven decisions that increase your sales.

Form Tracking Tool - Analyze form leads volumes and quality

Discover your lead journeys and see what made them convert

No more guesswork about what made your leads click “submit”. From page views to phone calls and form submissions, get complete clarity of your lead activity.

Form Tracking Tool - Analyze lead journeys and discover lead touchpoints

Classify Form Leads and know if an extra action is needed

Prioritize lead quality towards quantity by tagging every single form lead and identify the channels, mediums, and campaigns that bring in quality.

Form Lead classification - Tag and categorize your leads

That’s why Marketers
keep choosing Nimbata

It’s cost effective

Paying per answered call, helps you decrease drastically your invoice even up to 70%.

It’s human

No more ghosts in the room. Our support team is equipped with Call Tracking Experts ready to answer any of your questions.

It’s Easy-to-use

Starting trials on software you need and wondering what’s next is such a turn off – that’s why we have put all our effort to make Nimbata the tool that simplifies Call Tracking.

It’s always there

With an average 12-minute response rate, our support team is always there to handle your tickets 24/7.

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Track Forms alongside Calls

Set up today, get true attribution tomorrow

Nimbata is a leader in Small-Business Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2