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Tracking Numbers.

Nimbata offers Local or Toll Free tracking numbers from over 200 countries and thousands of regions. Place these on the marketing assets you wish to track inbound call activity from. Assets can include digital touch-points such as landing pages, paid search, display and social. They can even be offline sources such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. When visitors or prospects place a call to a tracking number, our platform forwards the call to your existing phone line or call center – with no change in the process – business as usual. The calls and what drove them are then analyzed and presented to you in real-time.

Dynamic Number Insertion.

Publish the Nimbata pixel on your site (with our WordPress Plugin, Tag Manager or JS in-line). This will dynamically swap your existing phone number with one from a pool of private tracking numbers provided by our platform. When visitors call, the software captures customer profile data along with the attribution data that drove the call. Through cookies, these numbers follow visitors as their journey continues.

Organic vs. Paid Channels.

Learn how many phone leads or sales search channels are contributing to your business. Obtain insights to optimize against keywords, networks, campaigns, ad placements, device types, ad extensions and more. Uncover the true ROI for each channel and build a digital strategy that achieves healthy call rates and revenues with the optimal budget.

Web Sites & Landing Pages.

Nimbata tracking numbers dynamically replace your existing phone numbers when visitors engage with your site or landing pages. They can be setup to collect insights on the sources/campaigns driving calls to the business or to understand call performance of a particular landing page (A/B test).

Social Media.

With new users joining every day, social media has become an integral marketing component for any brand seeking the attention of its prospects, existing customers and look alike audiences. Gain call insights on specific channels, posts or sponsored content driving calls.

Reporting & Analytics.

From our dashboard, view various acquisition and behavioral reports. A wide selection of filters allows for a deep dive into the data to uncover meaningful business insights on the marketing activities generating calls.

Furthermore, post-call capabilities allow you to rate calls, follow agents, incorporate feedback, flag good opportunities or track conversions. Upload the data to your CRM or contact a nimbata representative for integration options.

  • Real Time Call Logs
  • Acquisition Reports
  • Call Behavior Dashboards

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Integrations that simply work. Support for some of the leading Analytics, CRM and CMS platforms.

Google Analytics.

Viewing your call tracking activity in Google Analytics has never been easier. Setup in minutes and begin monitoring which sources are driving the most calls to your business today.We’re also an official Google Analytics Technology Partner.

Google Ads.

Let Google do all the heavy lifting. Track Calls as conversions within your Google Ads account to improve reach, spend and ROI. Call conversions will automatically be attributed to keywords, campaigns or ad groups.


Sync new phone leads or call activity from existing customers automatically with Hubspot. Call events (and all their respective tracking details) are captured and stored within the CRM. Rich options on how the data is presented ensures that the nimbata insights will never get lost and can fit with all business processes and workflows.


No more code changes or tedious dev work. Our WordPress call tracking plugin allows you to dynamically swap your site’s phone number with one of your private Nimbata tracking numbers. More information at WordPress Plugins directory


Use our Zapier app to integrate your nimbata account with thousands of different web-applications.

Call Scheduling.

Our sophisticated call routing options ensure that your calls will always reach the right agent. Set up different routes to different destinations on workdays, holidays or any other occasion.

Customize your setup by hour or minute to route calls anywhere within the day. For example, forward calls to your main line during office hours, your mobile during after hours, your help desk for support, or to sales for new leads. Furthermore, our geo-routing capability allows you to specify the destination based on callers’ location or prefix.

Lastly, multi-line ringing will route calls to all assigned destinations. When the first agent picks up, the remaining phones will stop ringing. Similarly, priority ringing will forward the call to your destinations in round robin. If the agent does not answer, the call will be routed to the next available destination.

Call Greetings, Recordings, Surveys & Whispers.

You can enable call greetings & recordings for any tracking number you choose. Simply provide the audio file and enable it with just a few clicks. The embedded media player from your app then lets you listen to your recordings.

Whispers allow your sales agents to better prepare for calls by informing them of the source prior to it. The whispers solution plays a customized message to the called party notifying them of the campaign from which the call originated. To begin with whispers, simply upload the audio file for each campaign and enable the feature – it integrates seamlessly with all of our routing options.

Use Call Surveys to effortlessly tag your calls in real-time. Mark them as “converted”, “for follow-up” or any other status suitable to your business. Once a call is completed, your agents participate in a quick survey, whereby the digits they press automatically tags the call’s status.