Call Tracking Features.

All the features and add-ons you need to evaluate inbound call activity.

Leads And Prospects Are Calling!

Do You Know What Drives Them?

In a highly competitive environment, customer retention is among the primary objectives for businesses, which are now shifting their focus and efforts to provide superior customer experience throughout the sales journey. To achieve this, they have to cope with one of today’s biggest challenges: bridging the gap between digital and offline worlds. 


Knowing what inspires callers to reach a business with an intent to buy helps marketers connect the dots and gain a clear understanding of the customer touchpoints. Nimbata offers a powerful call analytics platform to measure your online and offline marketing performance. Whether you run TV or radio ads, PPC or print ads, our call tracking numbers will tie the calls back to the marketing sources that generated them. Gain deep and actionable customer insights to optimize your Marketing ROI, spend budgets smarter, allocating them to the most efficient marketing activities, and enhance the visitor experience with our useful features and add-ons.


By assigning local or toll-free tracking numbers to your marketing channels, you can attribute calls to the sources driving them and optimize your efforts to convert more customers, more easily.

Dynamic Numbers

Generate tracking numbers that dynamically swap on your website and reveal the keyword, landing page, campaign or any other source that inspired the caller to pick up the phone and act.

Reports & Analytics

Get real-time access to our detailed acquisition and behavioral reports. Understand who your callers are and which of your marketing campaigns are driving valuable phone leads.


Utilize our powerful integrations with industry-leading apps and send call data to your CRM to get a clear understanding of your customers’ journey throughout the sales funnel.

Call Add-Ons

Tap into our call add-ons to prepare agents, route calls, monitor conversations in order to provide an enhanced customer experience, and never leave any phone leads unattended.

All the features you need.

Choose among our toolkit of features and add-ons to boost your setup and make the most of every call.
  • Availability in 70+ countries
  • Real-time number setup
  • Local numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Number Port-Ins
  • Call recording
  • Caller ID Masking
  • Custom call-tagging
  • Whisper messages
  • Greeting messages
  • Smart Call Scheduling
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Priority Ringing
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited brands/clients
  • Email call notifications
  • Advanced reporting
  • Dynamic phone numbers
  • Call Transcriptions
  • GDPR Compliant

White Glove Support.

Customer Support, along with product features, is a critical success factor that should be taken into account while selecting a call tracking service provider for your business. It is important to trust your partners, knowing that all your questions or possible issues will get settled quickly and effectively. With Nimbata you get:

24/7 Customer Support

Our Support Team is always stand-by via in-app chat, ensuring that you receive technical assistance whenever you need it and a timely response to your queries, no matter where you’re located.

Account Setup

Nimbata is so easy for everyone to set up that it can be up and running in a matter of minutes. If you wish, our Support Team can take for you all the heavy lifting, letting you focus on the things that matter.

Account Consultation

An induction to your business and your marketing activities is necessary to help us better understand your needs and goals. Schedule a consultation with one of our reps to help you get started.

Integration Support

Our Support Team helps you set up Nimbata with the other reporting platforms it integrates, so that you can seamlessly send your call data and facilitate the decision making process for your business or clients.

Training Sessions

We are here to help you become a call tracking pro! Take advantage of our training sessions specially held for you and your partners and take full advantage of Nimbata, sending your business or clients to the next level.

Multi Client Account

Multi Client Account.

Whether you handle a marketing agency or a business with two or more accounts, you can tap into Nimbata’s multi-client account option in order to:

Access and manage all your clients under a single account and easily switch between the different brands you manage.

Create in seconds customized dashboards to isolate key metrics and monitor your accounts’ overall performance.

Select the ways you want to view your accounts utilizing our advanced filtering options.

Share view-only access to your clients or easily extract the data to build tailored reports.

Interested in White Labeling?

Call Tracking is an essential tool for every marketing agency.

With our White Labeling option, you can incorporate Nimbata call tracking software to your offered services in order to enhance your clients’ Marketing ROI, but also prove value to them.

All these under your own brand and with your own pricing options! Let us handle all the technical details and focus on the actions that matter.

Whitelabel call tracking

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