Call tracking made easy, with all the features and add-ons you need

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Nimbata offers Local or Toll Free tracking numbers from over 70 countries and thousands of regions. Place these on the marketing assets you wish to track inbound call activity from. Assets can include digital touch-points such as landing pages, paid search, display and social. They can even be offline sources such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. When visitors or prospects place a call to a tracking number, our platform forwards the call to your existing phone line or call center – with no change in the process – business as usual. The calls and what drove them are then analyzed and presented to you in real-time.


Dynamic Number Insertion

Nimbata tracking numbers dynamically replace your existing phone numbers when visitors engage with your site or landing pages. They can be setup to collect insights on the sources/campaigns driving calls to the business or to understand call performance of a particular landing page (A/B test).
Simply publish the Nimbata pixel on your site with a single script. When visitors call, the software captures customer profile data along with the attribution data that drove the call. Through cookies, these numbers follow visitors as their journey continues.

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Dashboards & Analytics

Choose between various acquisition and behavioral reports. A wide selection of filters allows for a deep dive into the data to uncover meaningful business insights on the marketing activities generating calls. Furthermore, post-call capabilities allow you to rate calls, follow agents, incorporate feedback, flag good opportunities or track conversions. Upload the data to your CRM or contact a nimbata representative for integration options.


Call Scheduling

Our sophisticated call routing options ensure that your calls will always reach the right agent. Set up different routes to different destinations on workdays, holidays or any other occasion. Customize your setup by hour or minute to route calls anywhere within the day. For example, forward calls to your main line during office hours, your mobile during after hours, your help desk for support, or to sales for new leads. Furthermore, our geo-routing capability allows you to specify the destination based on callers’ location or prefix. Lastly, multi-line ringing will route calls to all assigned destinations. When the first agent picks up, the remaining phones will stop ringing. Similarly, priority ringing will forward the call to your destinations in round robin. If the agent does not answer, the call will be routed to the next available destination.

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Give your setup a boost.

Take a step further with one of our powerful add-ons

Call Greetings

Play a pre-recorded message for your callers to hear before or while the call is connecting. Set this up as part of the ring-back tone that will loop until an agent picks up or as one-time audio that is followed by the traditional ringtone.

Call Recording

Record inbound calls and download, listen or rate them from your Activity Page.

Call Surveys

Easily tag calls and mark their status by completing a quick survey with your dial-pad once the caller hangs-up. Configure tags from your Activity Page.

E-mail Notifications

Receive E-mail Notifications for your inbound calls. Setup can be configured so that you are only notified when a call is not answered or a specific condition has been reached.

Caller ID Masking

By default, incoming calls will show the caller’s number on your Caller ID. Enable this feature to have the tracking number displayed as the Caller ID instead.


Whispers prepare agents on where the call is coming from. Agents hear a custom audio message from calls to each tracking number.


Read and analyze the calls your business receives.


Integrated Voice Mail means that you can listen to missed calls from the app.

Ready to take Nimbata for a spin? No credit card required!


Connect with your favorite apps.

Integrations that simply work. Support for some of the leading Analytics, CRM and CMS platforms.

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Viewing your call tracking activity in Google Analytics has never been easier. Setup in minutes and begin monitoring which sources are driving the most calls to your business today. We’re also an official Google Analytics Technology Partner.

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Let Google do all the heavy lifting. Track Calls as conversions within your Google Ads account to improve reach, spend and ROI. Call conversions will automatically be attributed to keywords, campaigns or ad groups.

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Sync new phone leads or call activity from existing customers automatically with Hubspot. Call events (and all their respective tracking details) are captured and stored within the CRM.

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No more code changes or tedious dev work. Our WordPress call tracking plugin allows you to dynamically swap your site’s phone number with one of your private Nimbata tracking numbers. More information at WordPress Plugins directory.

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Use our Zapier app to integrate your nimbata account with thousands of different web-applications.

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Sync your call activity automatically and view all information directly within Salesforce.

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Send all your call data, directly to Google Sheets, in real time!

White Label.

Offer and sell call tracking to your clients under your own brand and with your own pricing options. Let us handle all the technical details and focus on the actions that matter.


Client facing app featuring your own brand and logos


Multi account capabilities with your pricing options

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Ready to take Nimbata for a spin? No credit card required!