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Call Tracking Features

Call Whispers

Be prepared for what’s next! A call whisper will play a short audio message before you answer the call, preparing you to handle the lead with important information beforehand.

Call Recordings

Record, revisit and listen to all answered calls. Use call recordings to train agents, monitor interactions and tag calls based on their outcome.


Transcribed conversations make it easier for you to review and analyze your phone calls, identify key talking points, and extract actionable insights for improved customer interactions and marketing strategies.

Keypad Entry (IVR)

Use IVR to help your callers reach the right team. This streamlines the call process, directing callers to the right department or information efficiently, enhancing their experience.


Greetings create a welcoming first impression for your callers. They can vary based on marketing campaigns or the time of day.

Caller ID Display

Choose what shows up as a caller ID on your phone before answering the call. Mask your callers’ id as anonymous, with the tracking number or with the destination’s number.

Call Surveys

Call surveys involve post-call questions for agents that help you better manage and tag your phone leads.

Lead Scoring & Call Notes

Score and Evaluate the quality of your phone leads using our star classification rating system. Take notes on your phone leads after your call. Sync that information to your CRM automatically so that they never get lost

Call Capping

Elevate Pay-per-call to another level by setting the limit of how many calls each destination can receive. Combine with weighted distribution of calls among your destinations for ultimate results.


Configure a personalized voice greeting that the caller will hear before they leave a message. Choose to route calls directly to Voicemail or when calls go unanswered. Recorded messages are stored in your call tracking account for you to listen.

call flows

Craft your ideal
call experience – with ease

Drag and drop any of our call addons and routing options. Build your custom call flows with our intuitive editor – no code needed! – to more easily handle, capture and manage your phone leads.

Call Tagging

Classify and label calls with relevant information. Call tags help you organize and sort calls based on specific criteria, enabling easy retrieval, analysis, and reporting.

Custom Properties

Add any field you wish to monitor to your records. Separate your branded from non-branded conversions, your ppc from your organic leads etc.

Export Leads

Εxport your phone leads in XLSX, CSV, and Google Sheets. Seamlessly transfer leads to your preferred tools, perform in-depth analyses, and share information with team members.

Stay in the loop with real-time alerts straight to your inbox, keeping you informed about vital call activities – from missed calls to voicemails and lead inquiries.

Lead Values

Pin a sale value to your converted leads to help you calculate the exact ROI of your marketing efforts and the true impact of your campaigns.

True attribution – anywhere

Push call activity to any Marketing, CRM, and Reporting tool with our native integrations or via Zapier

Put call tracking automations in action

Save time spent on classifying and managing your phone leads – customize Νimbata to get your work done automatically

Automation Rules Feature

Automate classification of your phone leads

There’s no time for admin and manual work, and we get that. Use automation rules to seamlessly assign tags to your phone leads based on the criteria you set.

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Add custom layers of information to each call record

Add custom checkboxes, notes, values, or even lists to enrich your lead data according to your business needs.

Integration Triggers Feature

Enrich your integrated apps with phone leads that matter

Avoid distractions caused by blurry data. Send only true phone leads to your favorite tools – such as Google Ads, HubSpot, Google Sheets, Google Analytics 4, Slack etc.

Call Tracking Features FAQ

Capitalize on Nimbata’s features for your success

Combine different functionalities and set your creativity in motion – unlock the power of Nimbata

Engage with your callers using SMS

Track your SMS messages like forms and calls, and discover which marketing channel drove the conversation. Easily receive an email when you get a new SMS or respond to it directly from your Nimbata portal.

Get notified in real-time about missed calls

Convert missed calls into opportunity – Alert your team for the missed phone leads through Slack or Email Notifications, prompting timely follow-up actions to ensure no potential customer is left behind.

Track Forms alongside calls

Combine Form with Call Tracking to access a comprehensive portrayal of your leads’ interactions and activities, granting you a more profound grasp of your marketing funnel. Streamline the process of attributing, monitoring, and categorizing your leads from forms.

Power true attribution with
Call Tracking

Leave stress out of set up process – attribute phone calls in a matter of seconds

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