How to set up Call Conversions properly to attract more high-quality leads

Call Conversion Google Ads Set up - How to do it properly with Nimbata Call Tracking Software

Recently, we sent out a newsletter with the subject “How to tell Google that they’re bullsh***ng your performance”, followed by three simple steps to set up google ads call conversion tracking correctly and help Google understand which leads are high-quality.

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2 things shocked me

  1. The reply rate – the highest I’ve seen in our newsletter, with people agreeing that Google Ads keeps getting worse and worse.
  2. The majority of people keeps doing Google Ads like it’s 2017 😱
Call Conversion Tracking Google Ads Meme

… so, how can you feed Google burgers a.k.a quality data?

High quality leads are callers that have a higher likelihood of converting into paying customers. They’re not just random contacts; they’re individuals or businesses that have expressed a clear interest in your product or service and match your target demographic.

💡 To consider a lead high quality, it should meet certain criteria, which often includes:

  • A demonstrated need or desire for your product or service
  • The authority and ability to make a purchase decision
  • Alignment with your defined customer profiles or personas

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Step 1. Set the rules to classify your leads

An automation rule comprises two main components. Firstly, there’s the trigger part, which determines when the automation should initiate. Triggers can include events like when a call is answered or when a call exceeds a certain duration, such as 30 seconds.

Secondly, there’s the action part, which specifies what action Nimbata should take once the trigger conditions are met. Actions can range from applying tags (e.g., labeling as “lead”), assigning a specific value (e.g., allocating $50), or setting custom properties (e.g., checking the box for custom property “Branded Campaign”).

Here are some simple examples to understand how automation rules work.

WHEN a Call is Longer than 30 seconds and Caller Is First Time CallerTHEN tag call as quality
WHEN a Call has Value>0THEN tag call as conversion
WHEN the Agent presses 1THEN Assign $250 and tag as conversion
When Call is Answered and Duration < 10 secondsThen tag call as unqualified

Step 2. Set Up Call Conversions and activate the integration

  1. Create the Call Conversion Action in Google Ads

    In this step, you will need a call conversion in Google Ads. To do so, you will just create a new conversion action and then click on Import > CRMs, files, or other data sources > Track Conversions from clicks. Finally, at the “Data source” section choose the second option (“Skip this step and set up a data source later”). Then click on “Continue” and you’re done! 🎉

    Your setup should look like this:
Google Ads set up for Call Conversions - screen
  1. Connect Nimbata with Google Ads

    To seamlessly integrate Nimbata with your Google Ads account and optimize your call conversion tracking, follow these steps:

    First, select your trigger. The default trigger is “After Every Call,” meaning that Nimbata will send every single PPC call to your Google Ads account.

    However, to teach Google what quality means to you, leverage triggers to only send legitimate call conversions to Google Ads. Triggers set the criteria that should be met in order to push the conversion back to Google Ads (for example, send only call conversions tagged as “Quality”).

    We also advise sending multiple call conversions representing the different qualities of your phone calls, such as answered calls, sales calls, and quality calls. This will enhance your call conversion tracking setup and provide rich information to your call reporting. In this case, prioritize your sales or quality conversions depending on your phone call volume as primary conversions, and designate the rest as secondary.

    To create multiple call conversions, proceed by creating the respective call conversion actions and then assign a custom trigger for each one. This method helps increase the quality of the leads sent back to your Google Ads account and aids Google in understanding what constitutes a quality conversion.

    Important Reminder: Ensure consistency between the conversion names set in Google Ads and those configured in Nimbata. Exact alignment of conversion names is essential for accurate tracking and reporting across platforms.
Google Ads Integration with Nimbata - Multiple Call Conversions set up

Step 3. Tie a monetary value to each call conversion 

You can do this either manually or automatically. For the manual method, just go to Call Activity, click on each call and just add the value to each caller.

Monetary Value to Call Conversion - Manually

But, if you want to take this a step further, use automation rules.

Automation rules can help you to automatically assign values to your calls based on different criteria you set. This will help tie each call conversion to a monetary value to show Google what’s really working.

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…. and that’s how you keep quality within your lead generation efforts.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video version of this guide.


By implementing the right strategies, you can feed Google the high-quality data it craves, leading to more effective campaigns and better results.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  1. Identify High-Quality Leads: Quality leads are those with a genuine interest in your product or service, the authority to make a purchase decision, and alignment with your target audience. Recognizing these leads is essential for maximizing your advertising efforts.
  2. Automate Lead Classification: Set up automation rules to classify leads based on specific criteria. By defining triggers and actions in platforms like Nimbata, you can streamline the process and ensure that only legitimate conversions are sent to Google Ads.
  3. Set up Multiple Call Conversions: Create call conversion actions in Google Ads to track the success of your campaigns. By accurately attributing conversions to phone calls, you gain valuable insights into your advertising performance and can make informed decisions for future strategies.
  4. Assign Monetary Value to Conversions: Tie a monetary value to each call conversion to demonstrate its impact on your bottom line. Whether done manually or through automation rules, assigning values helps Google understand the true value of your campaigns.

Nimbata offers a Free 2-Week Premium Trial in order to test out our product and see if it fits your needs – no CC required. If you want to see it by yourself start your free trial here. Otherwise, feel free to contact us and we will walk you through the platform!