Maximizing ROI with Call-Focused Search Ads: 4 Optimization Techniques

Call-focused search ads

Call-Focused Search Ads

Call-focused search ads are one of the most effective strategies to boost high returns on your advertising spend. And the reason for this is simple. Phone calls demonstrate higher purchasing  intent compared to emails and clicks to a website. When people call, they’re telling you that they’re ready to buy.

It is not surprising that marketers now create call-focused search ads for their advertising campaigns depending on the industry.  Additionally, mobile-experience is now a major advertising feature and businesses must adapt to that.

Improve Your Customers’ Call Experience

The first rule of success is to let your prospects know that you’re available to take their calls and also follow-up on that call if you missed it. Also, ensure to create personalized experience in your phone calls. Hence, it is important to have a human being pick up their calls rather than a bot. Converging lines of evidence have shown that calls actually convert ten times more than clicks to a sales page.

It is needless to say that you should optimize your ads based on calls. Then improve your ad targeting based on call data and improve every aspect of the customer journey by creating unique customer call experiences.

Create Retargeting Ads for Prospects That Didn’t Make A Purchase

Most of your revenue will come from your retargeting ads. So do not be bothered if you do not make a sale in your initial campaign. For instance, if someone had a history of calling your business, you can retarget them again. You can approach this with better ad creatives, better landing pages with better ad copies.  A pro tip, ensure to follow-up on every phone call.

Maximizing ROI with Call-Focused Search Ads: 4 Optimization Techniques follow up

Customers value this and they feel more comfortable doing business with you if you follow-up on their calls. Also, do everything you can to improve your caller’s experience.

Narrow Your Ads To Profitable Locations

Which location drives more quality phone calls? Ensure to optimize your ads to only profitable locations that are driving quality phone calls. It is more reasonable to add more ad budget to profitable locations than those not generating any call or lead at all.

Measure Key Call Quality Metrics

Successful marketers understand how to make good use of marketing data. Phone calls gives more granular and actionable data that ordinary clicks. There are key metrics you should look out for. These include what drove the call, the caller’s ID (demographics) and the quality of the phone call. If you’re using multi-platform marketing campaigns, analyze which platform is bring the most phone calls.

Also determine the pages they called form. For every call, determine the value, quality and which of those calls resulted into a purchase. With this information, you will be able to optimize your campaigns, landing pages, and ad messages (copies) to generate more phone calls.

Calls per channel


Search advertising has been around for decades and successful organizations are reaping a lot from the benefits. Tools have been developed to track, measure and analyze the quality of call-focused search ads coming from your campaigns. Nimbata for instance allows you to understand the campaigns, channels and keywords that make customers pick up their phone – so that you can focus on growing revenues and reducing acquisition costs.

Nimbata Call Tracking and Analytics allows you to get a complete data on quality leads coming your business and leverage the strategies listed above to scale your business ROI. So what are you waiting for? Now you know how to make these call-focused search ads work and make the most out of your budget. Your customers are calling, time to answer those leads!