How to create high-converting call-only ads

Call-only Ads

Since 2015, Google Ads established a new feature known as call-only ads, which has recently experienced outpouring popularity.  It has a different setup, and the fundamental goal is to encourage prospective customers to call rather than the usual text ads. If customers are calling directly, the chance of moving business forecast down the sales funnel is significantly high than visiting the company’s landing page or website

What call-only ads are about

Call-only ads display on mobile devices and allow the viewer to call by clicking the ad. Unlike the old-style ads, it enables calling the company directly. Before now, viewers are redirected to a URL (website) when they click on ads, but the call-only ads avail the viewer with the company’s phone number (Just a click and you’re calling the company already).

This feature is extremely restructured (Company’s name, brief description, company number, and the Call Now button) such that it is easy to reach the company. Billing of customers takes place when you click and make calls.

When launching a campaign for the first time, it would be best to bid high. However, you may be at lost at first, but gains appreciate in the long-run.

Importance of Call-Only Ads

  • It is useful to telecommunication industries whose key performance indicators are mainly on phone calls.
  • It also plays a vital role in the financial and insurance sectors since they heavily depend on phone calls.
  • It is essential for service providers (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.)

How Can Call-Only Ads Help Businesses to Convert?

  • Ensure your keywords are targeted at highly determined customers (for fast response and instant action).
  • Plan your call-only ads within working hours to avoid calls been redirected to voicemails.
  • The ad copy adverts should be highly targeted and brief.

Steps To Write A Successful Call-Only Ads

Start with a detailed Feasibility study and set up your goal

Writing an effective Call-only Ad requires active planning and research. You’ve got to know what your target audience is seeking. The best way to do this is by checking out the questions your customers are asking about your business and services or products. Add the questions to your ad copy. Your goal should be reaching out to your customers with your ad copy to make them see your business as the solution they need.

Unleash your ads

After you have done your feasibility study and your plans developed, you can now unleash your ads. This ad must be captivating enough to attract your customers to call the company. For your ads to be captivating, you need to use the right keywords for easy search in a search engine. Make your ads be brief and informative, and it should contain the CTA to compel your clients to call in. Most importantly, your ad should be relevant to their particular needs.

Test run your ads

The next action after unleashing your address is to check the ad’s effectiveness. The performance of your ad can be checked but not immediately. Your ads must have been running for a while before you can analyze their performance. This performance is based on the sales of products sold via calling in and not the numbers of calls. You can track your calls using a call-tracking software. A call-tracking software will enable you to monitor the percentage of how the ad is serving your company and it makes it easier for you to rate the number of conversions and the total amount spent.


Review And Start All Over Again

The last step shows how successful the ad has been to your company. The call-only ad is a continuous process; with your result in your previous address, you can improve (check how motivating your ad is, check where the ad is lacking, draw out new strategies using catching keywords) in your next ad. Reviewing your ads is a good way of knowing the position of your goals and strategies each time. It helps you to know the right step to take at every given time for effectiveness.


Call-only ads are essential tools for building business in this present time. Consumers are after businesses that are available from time to time to help them solve their problems. People are not waiting because patience is no longer there. So, make yourself available to your audience by utilizing call-only ads, and you will experience a surge in your sales.