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Google Ads is an online advertising platform that helps businesses display their ads on Google and Google’s partner websites, reaching their target audience effectively.

Integration Overview

Nimbata + Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) integration helps you discover which sources, campaigns, adgroups, ads, and keywords are driving not only the most phone leads but also the most high-value leads to your business, optimize your marketing efforts, and allocate your budget accordingly.

Use Cases

Things you can do when using Google Ads with Nimbata include:

  • Call Conversion Tracking: Importing call conversions to Google ads can greatly help you connect the dots between offline and online interactions, mapping the entire customer journey and optimizing your google ad campaigns.
  • Call extensions: Call extension is the most popular extension offered by Google, particularly for location-specific campaigns. By adding local tracking numbers, they can boost your prospects’ engagement, leading to increased phone calls and improved lead generation process.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Tracking the pages visited by a caller before and after making a phone call, and identifying the specific landing page that prompted the call, you can gain valuable insights into your highest-converting pages. This real visitor behavior data empowers you to optimize your landing pages based on actual user engagement, resulting in improved conversion rates.
  • Lead and Conversion Accuracy: Integration triggers let you send only the conversions that really matter to your Google Ads account avoiding distractions and misleading decision-making caused by blurry data.
How to Get Started with Google Ads Integration:
  • Create your free Nimbata Account
  • Calculate the size of your call tracking number pool
  • Install Google Ads Integration direct through nimbata app or via Google Analytics (suggested method)
  • Create your new phone call conversions
  • Start monitoring your Call Conversions in your Google Ads or Nimbata Reports

Any Questions?

If you need help setting up Nimbata for Google Ads, make sure to check out this help article or request a demo to help you with setting up the integration.

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