5 Plumber Marketing Tips to Drive Leads

Plumber Marketing

It is no doubt that plumbing is a highly competitive market. But if you approach your marketing the right way and target the right people, you will bring in a good amount of healthy cashflow to generate more ROI. The purpose of this article is to guide you on 5 proven Plumber Marketing Tips to grow your business. Read on!

Tip 1: Invest in content marketing and SEO

Content marketing will always be king. Your content marketing strategy should involve a combination of blog posts, social media marketing on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You need to put your brand out there for everyone to see what you’re capable of. This can involve doing livestream of how you approach a project and uploading it on your social media channels such as YouTube.

Create a subtle narrative around a plumbing service using clear voice overs and imagery to grab people’s attention. This can be used to create a highly performing YouTube ads or a TV ad. Another way to publish content about your video ads is to write a case study to demonstrate how you provided solution to a problem and publish it on your website.

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Additionally, investment in search engine optimization will make a lot of sense on the long run. Strive as much as possible to rank for some specific search items locally by focusing on specific keywords. If your plumbing company is majorly into water installation and filtration, for instance, you can compete for keywords that are ranking in that niche.

At the basic level, the best way to rank locally on Google is by conducting a competition analysis using SEMRush or any other SEO tool. Look out for the keywords that your competitors are ranking for in the same city. Then come up with better and more optimized content to compete for those keywords. Investment in link building will also boost your domain authority and get you to rank higher then your competitors on Google.

Tip 2: Make Good Use of Web Analytics

You’re going to be making most of your sales online so you need to have a complete overview of the buyer’s journey. This means knowing the different channels that contribute to your traffic, your website visitors’ demographics and their behavior on your website. Additionally, you get an overview of the performance of your content marketing efforts.

That is, you get to identify your best performing content. This allows you to optimize your site, and enables you to retarget your campaigns to custom audiences that have shown more interest in your plumbing service.

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Also, ensure to conduct detailed web analytics to understand how visitors are interacting with your website and your traffic sources. In most cases, potential leads often try to put a call through to communicate their project with you. So we recommend you to integrate a call tracking analytics tool into your website. Nimbata is an easy to use call tracking analytics tool that captures all those calls coming from your marketing sources to reflect the real, omni-channel view of your performance.

Tip 3: Invest in Google Ads

While SEO promises good returns in the long run, paid ads give quick result. For sponsored ads we recommend Google Ads. These ads focus on keywords and phrases included in search queries. So Google Ads allows you to quickly get new customers that are willing to pay high for your service. This is because Google Ads targets audience that are actually searching for your service.

Tip 4: Focus More on Helping than Selling

Providing solution to the customers’ problems is at the top of the value delivery chain. All your content marketing efforts should not be focused on sales. Sometimes publish ‘how-to’ contents that can be applied at home. For instance, periodically publish content focusing on ‘must-have home plumbing tools’, ‘how-to unclog your water pipes at home’. In fact, you get more sales by helping than just out rightly being sales focused alone.

5 Plumber Marketing Tips to Drive Leads keepyourbusinessafloat

For instance, routinely publish content on the benefits of water filtration, target home owners and commercial centers and you’d be surprised that your leads will be coming from residential homes and commercial centers. Additionally, focusing more on helping than selling boosts your brand’s authority factor and you’d be perceived as a leader in the plumbing niche.

Tip 5: Make Good Use of Customer Testimonials

Everybody loves a success story. Testimonials are effective strategies to convert prospects into customers. Testimonials work by boosting your trust factor, ratings and authority. Ask your previous clients to publish a video testimonial about a plumbing work you did for them in the past and publish it on your website.


Now you know which plumber marketing tips will bring you in front of the eyes of your customers. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your plumber marketing strategy today, study your competitors, and gain customers like a boss!

And don’t forget! Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you would like to learn more about how Nimbata can help you discover which ads will make your clients pick up the phone and call you.