Call Tracking Lead Generation: That’s what you are missing

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Call Tracking Lead generation introduction

Many businesses and organizations make use of online forms, E-mails, online polls, and other digital means for lead generation but overlook a fundamental lead generator- phone calls. Organizations and businesses that fall into this category are missing out on the tremendous benefits phone calls have to offer in improving their marketing strategy. 

Although online forms and others have their highlights, such as saving costs, they are not as effective as phone calls. Online forms sometimes produce incorrect results because people tend to fill forms mindlessly without reading the questions carefully. More so, online forms are highly prone to risks.

call tracking lead generation

Phone calls can help you build a more robust and faster connection with your customers, create personalized experiences, inspire trust and ultimately turn your audience to leads. According a study by Forrester published in, inbound phone calls were named the most valuable marketing conversion. The study found that “customers who initiate inbound calls convert to revenue faster, spend more, and have a higher retention rate.”       

If you are hoping to generate leads with high conversion tendencies, then you should include phone calls into your lead generation marketing strategy. Here are more reasons why you should:

Customers are Skeptical about Sharing Their Information Online

Many consumers believe that online privacy is impossible; they, therefore, tend to share less online. Sharing information online can expose your customers to risks as sensitive information about them can be used for fraudulent activities. Information got online when stored without adequate security can expose your consumers to exploitation. Another reason why consumers are skeptical about sharing information online is lack of trust.

If your customers do not trust you, they will share less information with you. Which means the more your customers feel safe and connected to you, the more they are willing to share more about themselves with you. Engaging your customers through phone conversations is a great way to build connections with your customers rapidly and get them to trust you.  When they trust you, they will become less protective of sharing information with you, and you can channel this information to formulate a strategy that would turn them to leads.

Clients Want to Connect with a Real Person

Many brand owners think asking their customers questions online through forms and polls are the best ways to get their customers to open up to them, but honestly, your customers do not like to do any of these. They want to talk to you – a real person.  Clients want to talk to you through phone conversations and not through the filling of forms or any other indirect means of contacting you. Engaging your potential customers through phone conversations will help them connect better with you and trust you, which will ultimately convert them to leads.

Customers are Talking Now More than Ever

A recent report carried out by BrightLocal asked 500 U.S consumers their preferred channel of communication with their local businesses, and 60% said they prefer to contact business owners through phone calls. 16% prefer to contact through E-mails, and 15% said they prefer to go to their shops.  This result showcases the rate at which consumers prefer to interact with brands over the phone.

NetPeak Journal buttresses this through their report. The report states 39% of mobile searchers who make use of the click-to-call button at least once usually end up calling businesses. And the main reason they call instead of making use of other means of contact is that 57% of them want to talk to a real person.

More than ever, consumers prefer to call their brands. The reasons for this are simple: consumers want to be heard, and they want answers to their questions immediately. Imagine having to fill a form to make a report and then wait for days or months to get your answers; it is highly exasperating. Phone calls enable customers to talk directly to their brands and get answers quicker and faster. 

Besides, phone calls are more convenient, they provide more accurate answers to consumers’ questions, and consumers can get the answers they did not find online by asking their brands questions over the phone. These reasons make phone calls an effective lead generator that should be well utilized by businesses.

Phone leads are more likely to Convert

Phone leads are more comfortable to convert. When people call you, it means they already know you and what you do and are most likely interested in your product or service (warm leads). A recent survey conducted by IPSOS depicts the importance of phone calls in a consumer’s buying process. According to IPSOS report, “61 per cent of the survey respondents said “click to call” is the most critical part of a shopping process. 47% said they would explore other brands if they did not see phone numbers.” 

This means that when consumers tap the “click to call button” it is because they already have the intention to buy, they only need a little push. Making the call option available for your customers would therefore help boost your conversion rate while doing otherwise will make you lose your leads to your competitors.

Call Data is Invaluable

Call Tracking for Lead Generation provides massive data about your customers, ranging from their profile, the day they called, the time they called, marketing source, and much more. The data got from these calls can help you analyze who your callers are and what they want. This makes phone calls an effective lead generator as the result of this analysis can help you infuse the right strategy that will help convert your callers to leads.



In conclusion, lead generation is very crucial to the success of your business. Although people use forms and other digital means to communicate with their customers, the most effective means of communicating to your audience is through phone calls because that is what your audience wants. More so, communicating with your audience over the phone can trigger trust, which is essential to converting an audience to someone who is willing to buy.

The invaluable call data you get can also be used to analyze who your customers are and what your customers need, working on the result of this analysis would help you satisfy their needs and ultimately convert your callers to leads.