Sync your call activity automatically and view all information directly within your Salesforce dashboard.


Improve your sales funnel by capturing the offline touch or enrich your insights for your existing contacts.

Connect your Nimbata and Salesforce Accounts via nimbata app

nimbata + salesforce

Configure which data you wish to receive and how should nimbata send them into your Salesforce Account

Test your new event and save your setup

test and save

You got more Questions about Salesforce + Nimbata?

With Nimbata’s Salesforce integration, you are capturing in your CRM all your callers’ contact info but also the marketing channels that inspired them to call your business.

Gather all your valuable data in one place, monitor your marketing performance, eliminate blind spots on customer journeys all the way across the sales funnel, and focus your marketing efforts to convert more prospects into customers with the same ad spend.

Seeing your data as it happens improves your decision making process, enhances your marketing performance and helps your teams become more aligned!

Salesforce Integration is included in Marketing Plan. If you want to learn more about nimbata’s plans check our detailed pricing here.