Elevate Your Slack Experience in 2023: A Guide to Must-Have Phone Call Notifications

Calls in Slack

Do you want to receive Slack notifications whenever a lead calls your business?

Setting up real-time notifications is a great way to track phone calls in Slack. These alerts can serve as reminders for your team in case you’d like to personally follow up with a client after they’ve clicked on one of your ads and called your business to inquire about your service or product.

In this post, we’ll show you how you can set up Slack to trigger notifications when leads call your business.

When should you set up Slack notifications for inbound calls?

When working remotely, communication is key to ensuring that teams are productive and able to collaborate effectively. One critical aspect of this communication is being able to quickly and easily connect with team members when needed. By having notifications about inbound calls in Slack, team members can easily see when a call has been answered by a team member, see which marketing campaign triggered the call and listen to the conversation.

This is especially important when working remotely, where team members may not be physically present in the same location and may not be able to overhear the conversation from across the hall. By having inbound calls in Slack, team members can ensure that they are able to quickly connect with one another, and align on how to handle valuable leads!

Nimbata Inbound call in Slack

In addition to the benefits of faster communication, having notifications about inbound calls sent to Slack can also help to improve team productivity. When team members are notified about incoming calls, they can quickly assess whether or not they need to be involved in the follow up process, and can adjust their work accordingly.

This can help to reduce interruptions and distractions, as team members can stay focused on their work, while still being able to quickly respond to important calls. By improving productivity and reducing interruptions, inbound call notifications sent to Slack can help teams to work more efficiently and effectively, even when working remotely.

How to get Slack alerts when clients call you.

To set up Slack notifications for inbound calls, just follow these steps:

Video Overview

Connect Slack with Nimbata

To enable the Slack integration:

Click on Integrations from the menu on the left.

Choose Slack from the integration options.

Click the “Add to Slack” button.

Sign in to the workspace you wish to connect

Sign into Slack Screenshot

Click on Allow to allow Nimbata to access your Slack workspace

Give permission to Nimbata to access your Slack workspace

Choose channel that will receive the notification

At this step, choose the Channel you want Nimbata to send calls in Slack to.

nimbata - slack integration, set channel

Set which call data to include

This is where you get creative!
Nimbata gives you the option to send 30+ out of the box properties, plus any custom field you’ve set to track!
Below are a few:

Tracking Number
Tracking Number Friendly Name
Caller ID
Destination Number
Destination Number Friendly Name
Call Outcome
Call Duration
UTM Source
UTM Medium
UTM Campaign
Google Analytics Customer ID
Landing Page
Action Page
Call Disposition
Call Frequency
Configured Tracking Source
Device Type
Facebook Click ID
Google Ads Click ID
Microsoft Click ID
Start Time
Unique Call ID
Rec Link
Caller Name
Value (in the currency you’ve set)
…and more!

nimbata - slack integration. set which data to send

You then also have the option to set the Names and assign them the value to be fetched from Nimbata, regarding the call.

Test & Save

Time to send a test event in Slack to see if you receive the data!

nimbata - slack integration. Test and save

Simply plug in any values you want to see in Slack and click on Send Event to Slack.
If the data appear in the channel you set in the previous step, you are ready to automatically receive calls in Slack, each time someone dials your numbers!

Receive calls in Slack!

That’s how you get calls in Slack so your team is all synced 🙂
Here is how I’ve set this up for us (yes, big fan of dark mode!)
TIP: If you are recording calls, include the recording link so your colleagues can go and listen to the conversation!

See phone call data in Slack with Nimbata


Connecting Nimbata with Slack and receiving inbound calls in Slack is an effortless process!
With just a few simple steps, you can start receiving real-time notifications about your incoming calls directly in your desired Slack channel. By combining the power of Nimbata’s call tracking and analytics with Slack’s communication and collaboration features, businesses can streamline their workflows and enhance their customer service capabilities.