Call Tracking for Agencies

The agency-focused call tracking solution you always wanted

It’s fresh. It’s accurate. It’s flexible. It’s made for you.

call tracking for agencies
1000s brands and agencies run on Nimbata daily

Track, Analyse, Deliver phone leads effortless

Get the big picture of your marketing data, combine different sources to complete your
performance analysis and let the insights flow for actual data-driven decisions

call tracking software - call analytics & reporting

Get the data you want

Analyze your call data your way from campaign down to the keyword level. Discover what brings in the right leads or eliminate unnecessary expenses caused by underperforming efforts.

Call Tracking Values

And the credit you deserve

Automatically send call conversions to your ad tools tied with the value of each phone lead to more easily calculate your true ROI and RoAS – leaving no room for doubts.

Call Tracking Integrations

Where your clients already working

Connect directly with the tools you and your clients already love. From Slack to HubSpot and Google Ads, Nimbata adds value to every step of your analysis.

Features that make
your clients happier and your life easier

Agency-focused features that actually make sense and add value to your services.

Automatically send call summaries to your clients’ inbox

Effortlessly deliver call summaries to your clients’ email inboxes, showcasing your true impact daily, weekly, monthly for enhanced communication.

White label for agencies

Create a consistent image of your agency’s identity

Customize your Nimbata account and style the interface and your emails so that they are inline with the brand identity and uniqueness of your agency.

Multiclient Account

Fine-tune your clients accounts with ease

Different clients, different needs. Flexibly create and manage unlimited sub-accounts for clients and brands to work in a collaborative environment- all inside 1 Nimbata account.

FAQ – Call Tracking for Agencies

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Rene Hanli
Digital Marketing Specialist at Vezzlemedia

“What you wanted other call tracking providers to be”


Steven Laff
Marketing Agency Owner at AFSB

“…best decision in the call tracking space in over a decade.”

Markellos Diorinos
CEO at Bryq

“Finally we can calculate ROI on click-to-call ads”


Dinesh Kumar
Business Owner at 55places

“Nimbata excels in integrating with various APIs, allowing seamless connections with existing business software.”

Tino Umo
Agency owner at Searchgage

Nimbata’s per-call cost significantly reduced our call tracking expenses by 70% in comparison to other platforms out there


Adrien Lafranchi
Business owner at Soshome

“Really easy to use, the support service is just amazing, i think the best i’ve seen.”

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