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White Label Call Tracking for Agencies

Ensure your clients experience a seamless brand experience and maintain a uniform image across all their reports and dashboard. Our white labeling solution offers branded customization including: dashboards, emails and custom domain. Reach out to our sales team to enable white labeling for your account.
White Label Call Tracking

White Label Call Tracking from Nimbata.

In an extremely competitive environment, marketing agencies have to strive for a piece of market share. The only way to achieve this is by providing exceptionally good services to clients. Just doing your work is not enough. You need to reinforce your offerings with a unique product or service, something that it’s not provided by your competitors and will become a strong asset for your clients.

Marketing is all about data. But, data may be misleading if you fail to map your customer journeys. More often than not, calls are left out of the attribution puzzle, and this is definitely a mistake agencies can’t afford to make. Call tracking sheds light on the blind spots of marketing performance, measuring and attributing inbound calls to the activities that generated them. With call analytics, every business knows exactly the impact of calls to sales revenue and can adjust the marketing strategy to improve ROAS. 

A call tracking & analytics platform is a powerful tool that helps agencies optimize their marketing efforts and prove the real value of their work to customers. Yet, introducing call tracking as a White Label Solution in your agency portfolio serves as a strong advantage against competitive agencies, letting you keep customers satisfied, but also avoid possible distractions.

Why use a white labeled solution.

Make call tracking an integrated solution of your marketing offering

Present your own solution

With Nimbata’s White Label Call Tracking, you can present our call tracking software as yours, extending the services you offer to your clients and most importantly providing a sophisticated attribution tool to optimize their marketing campaigns. 

Offer a branded interface

Our white label call tracking software is fully customizable to your agency’s branding style so that clients have a unified and consistent experience while interacting with your agency.

Extend Your Offerings

An agency that combines more services together is usually preferable by clients, since it covers more of their needs, saving simultaneously valuable time for both parties. With more exclusive products or services in your portfolio, you get a competitive advantage and attract more clients.

Strengthen Client Loyalty

Clients that trust your services feel more relaxed when they access tools that carry your own logo. This is because they have related your brand with values such as quality and commitment.

Increase Revenue Streams

Once we establish a White Label partnership, Nimbata will not interfere with you and your clients in terms of pricing. This means that you can charge for the service as much as you wish, adding a new stream of revenue for your agency and increasing your profitability rate.

Save Time and Money

Partnering with an established call tracking and analytics solution such as Nimbata, is the best option that will save your agency a lot of resources, instead of developing your own call tracking solution. Reinventing the wheel is not a wise choice when there are quite many call tracking service providers in the market.

Powered by Nimbata – Branded by you!

All the features you need.

Everything you need from a white label call tracking platform

Logo & Colors Customization

White Label offers a branded experience to clients since agencies can customize the look and feel throughout the Nimbata app, using their own branding style.

Customized Domain Name

White Label partners can customize their domain name so that clients can access their call tracking accounts through the agency’s domain.

White Label Email Templates

Marketing Agencies can even tailor their email templates with their own branding style and messages so that their call tracking services they provide are perfectly aligned with the rest of their offerings.

Unlimited Company Accounts

Agencies that handle a Nimbata White Label Call Tracking account can add as many sub-brands for their clients as they wish. Access all your clients in one account and switch easily between them.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications ensure that every time a call is missed, an email alert is sent out to the designated people. This way your clients can respond fast, calling customers back, but also monitor the volume of answered and missed calls so that they identify peak days and hours. Email Notifications can be sent from customized email addresses of your choice.

White-Glove Support

Customer Support is a critical success factor for every business. Nimbata’s Support Team is always stand-by, ensuring all customers receive technical assistance on time, no matter where they’re located.

Stand out from competitors with your own white label call tracking platform!

Leave the back-end to Nimbata and focus on your clients.