Take a "Ride" with Nimbata.

From the initial purchase all the way to after sales service, automotive shoppers prefer scheduling appointments over the phone. For the industry, inbound calls are probably the most effective and valuable lead source. Nimbata provides auto manufacturers, dealers and car rental companies powerful call attribution and monitoring tools to help drive more calls, appointments and most importantly sales.

Drive more leads & appointments .

Improve sales with better tracking and an enhanced phone experience!

Mobile or Desktop?

Car buyer behaviors have changed significantly and mobile is shifting how consumers research vehicles. Smartphones put customers within seconds of reach, making them more ready to transact upon the visit.

Measure & Acquire

Learn which ads, keywords or campaigns drive the most sales and appointments. Optimize conversions and boost marketing ROI by re-using those efforts that work and weeding out the ones that don’t.


Boost appointment rates by routing calls to the optimal sales rep or better preparing agents with customized notifications on the source driving the call.

How it Works.

Learn which ads “drive” phone calls.

Call Tracking for Automotive

Add local or toll-free numbers in seconds.

Setup where to forward your calls and whether to record them or not.

Place tracking script on your site or numbers on the ads or campaigns you wish to track.

Gain real-time insights and understand which campaigns are driving calls!

Improve Call Conversion Rates.

Use call recordings or transcriptions to train employees and quantify the effectiveness of certain call scripts over others.