Nimbata 101: Getting started – Step by Step Call Tracking Tutorial

How to use Nimbata

In the guide below we cover how to attribute calls at the session level (UTM sources, keywords, etc.) and share our recommendations on how to optimally setup your Nimbata account.

Ready to dive in?

1) Intro – Step by Step Call Tracking Tutorial

We all have websites and we use these as store fronts for customers. There we have various calls to actions, usually a form and an email. With forms, we have google analytics and other tools to record and track submissions. But if you are a business in a space where customers want to call you, you need a better way to do your marketing. With Nimbata Call Tracking, you can keep phone numbers as call to action, show them in ads and give customers a direct way to reach you. Let me show you how it works!

2) Add Lead Gen (Tracking) Numbers

In this video we show how to acquire phone numbers and how to use the in app tool to calculate how many numbers we need to add to our pool so as to setup our account for session level tracking (campaigns, keywords, UTMs, etc.)

3) The Call Flow Builder

Next in our call tracking tutorial we cover how to add destinations and setup a simple call flow. We also go through some more advanced call flows features such as call whispers, call recording and keypad entry.

4) Setup DNI (Dynamic Number Swapping)

In this video we go through the necessary steps for setting up dynamic number swapping on our website. You will learn how to add a swap target, use text redaction and go through all of the options before publishing it live on our website

5) Deploy script through Tag Manager / Test swapping

Time for action! Learn how to deploy the script through Tag Manager and test if it works!

6) Google Analytics 4 Integration

Next step in our call tracking tutorial is Google Analytics. We all use them and we all struggle to transition from Universal to GA4. Worry no more! A step by step guide on how to directly integrate your Nimbata account with Google Analaytics 4 and send calls as events in your favorite platform.

7) Google Ads Integration

Conversions, conversions, conversions! Learn how to set up the native integration with Google Ads and how to create the call conversion in your Google Ads account.

8) Triggers & Automations

Automations make our lives easier. Learn how to create your own automation triggers and send call information to your favorite marketing apps. In this guide we setup an additional trigger named “Quality calls” which we use to send calls in Google Ads!

9) Viewing Data / Reports

Our ads are working and calls are coming in! Which reports should I look at? In this video we provide our own recommendation on which – pre built – reports you should monitor as part of your daily activity!

10) Call Activity / Views / Tagging

Final step in our call tracking tutorial is how to view call data. All the call information you need at your fingertips. Learn how to slice and dice call data and create custom views, listen to recordings, add notes and tag calls!


That’s it, with this call tracking tutorial you are now ready to start tracking calls and learn which ads make your phone ring and attribute calls at the visitor level.
If you have any questions or thoughts on the matter, leave your comment below!

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