Solve the Attribution puzzle by mapping phone calls and sales conversations to lead conversion activity right in Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Solve the attribution puzzle
by adding call based conversions
to Google Analytics.

Install Google Analytics Integration just by copy-pasting your Tracking ID in nimbata app

Google Analytics Set Up
GA Set Up

Customize the nimbata event according to your needs

Start monitoring your Call Attribution in Google Analytics Universal and/or Google Analytics 4

GA Universal
If you want to learn How to install Google Analytics+Nimbata integration visit Nimbata Helpdesk

You got more Questions about Google Analytics + Nimbata?

The Google Analytics + nimbata integration allows you to send call data as events including the GCLID which provides insights on campaign, ad group, keyword, landing pages, affinity groups, etc.

Analyzing your data as it happens improves your decision making process, enhances your marketing performance and helps your teams become more aligned!

Yes, Nimbata offers a native integration with the GA4! 

One of our Call Tracking Experts recently wrote an article answering this question. Take a look here!

You can create call goals in just a few steps! Check out our detailed step-by-step guide here.