5 Proven Benefits of Using Sales Call Analytics

sales call analytics

Call tracking and sales call analytics have been around for decades, but mostly in the raw form of caller ID, location and number. However, gaining valuable insights about customers have been a major concern for businesses. The need for businesses to optimize their sales and advertising campaigns has brought some evolution to call tracking solutions. Today, both small and large businesses are now taking advantage of inbound phone calls to optimize their advertising efforts and boost their customer engagement. The purpose of this article is to provide the benefits of sales call analytics and how you can apply it to grow your business and improve your marketing strategies.

Optimize Your Advertising Efforts through data-driven Results

Successful campaigns rely heavily on data. It is important to understand which of your advertising campaigns are bringing the best result at the least cost. This involves knowing which of your advertisements are generating more purchasing intent and also, which of your traffic sources are generating more leads. Using data from call tracking solutions can help you optimize your advertising efforts for better ROI. Since it gives you data on which of your PPC ads encouraged customer to convert and give you a call. You’re also more empowered to knowing which of your marketing initiatives are driving calls to your business.

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Gather Sales Call Analytics Data to Control your Advertising Budget

It is needless to say that marketing budgets and resources are scarce for business owners. Hence, the need for a more targeted approach for marketing campaigns. Call tracking allows you to better qualify your leads to determine which of them would lead to conversions. With call tracking, you’re able to determine which of your customers require more attention or which of your customers require a different message. By using call tracking, you’re in a better position to track your each of your marketing initiatives, determine which ones are driving more intent, interaction and focus your advertising budget on those ones while terminating non-performing ads.

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Better Understand Customer Journey through the Sales Funnel

Call tracking solutions give you a clearer picture of the entire consumer journey through the sales funnel.  Consumer behavior is dynamic. Additionally, consumer purchasing behavior changes over time. To boost sales and increase ROI, you have to flow along with these changes to create better and more personalized offers that meet your customer demands. Marketing success depends heavily on customer experience data. Call tracking gives you the tools to quickly adapt to your customer needs faster than your competitors through analytics.

Discover Potential Growth Opportunities Through Data

Call tracking and sales call analytics enables you to make smarter marketing decisions with powerful features that allow you to focus on consumer behavior with data. Hence, prospects with more impressions, and intent within the funnel. Data provided from such campaigns enable businesses to identify new target sources for their advertising campaigns. That is, you get to determine the volume of calls derived from your different marketing efforts and channels. Data from such calls enables you to discover new marketing channels, and better promotional creatives that enable you to delight customers in a unique way.

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Boost outreach through omnichannel marketing

You’re putting your organization in a better competitive advantage if you market to your customers through unique attributes. Call tracking provides your business with powerful features to boost outreach, handle more calls through tagging, routing and tracking. Hence, you’re able to remarket your offers based on real customers specifications rather than extrapolated data. Additionally, call tracking gives you the power to configure your campaigns, create routing rules and tag calls that matter most to you based on the logic you have created.


Sales call analytics solutions are not new. They’ve been around for decades. Nimbata for instance allows you to track growth and identify missed opportunities. Lastly, you get a complete control on delivering the best customer experience.