Nimbata for Legal Services.

New prospects are seeking your help. From your website, news releases, social networks or even paid advertisements, these future clients are at least 5 times more likely to call your practice than fill out an enquiry form. This is arguably the most important reason for law firms to adopt a call tracking solution. Nimbata helps you discover the marketing activities driving quality phone leads to your practice and which calls and sources convert more easily and are of higher value. 

Grow your client intake .

Understand where your best and most valuable clients are coming from!

For Any Specialty

Certain campaigns and keywords are more effective at making your phones ring. Gain insights on what’s working best for your specific practice.

Added Value

Use call recording and call transcriptions to capture every detail in your phone conversations. Obtain up to the minute details on how much time is being spent on the phone with every prospect or client.

Better Clients

Measure the effectiveness of each marketing channel and focus on the sources, campaigns or keywords generating leads with a higher propensity to become high value clients

How it Works.

Learn which ads “drive” phone calls.

Call Tracking for Legal Services

Add local or toll-free numbers in seconds.

Setup where to forward your calls and whether to record them or not.

Place tracking script on your site or numbers on the ads or campaigns you wish to track.

Gain real-time insights and understand which campaigns are driving calls!

Improve Call Conversion Rates.

Use call recordings or transcriptions to train employees and quantify the effectiveness of certain call scripts over others.

Call Tracking for legal services