Call Tracking for Legal Services

Bring more qualified leads to your caseload

Discover which of your marketing activities drive high-value cases to your law firm – and which don’t.

Call Tracking for legal services

100s of professionals in Legal Services all over the world use Nimbata

Don’t settle with clicks, claim more leads

Nothing good happens in optimizations driven by assumptions. Nimbata’s call tracking for legal services helps marketers uncover insights hidden behind unattributed phone calls and identify the qualified leads among inflated clicks on click-to-call CTAs.

Follow-up with instant notifications

Get notified when you miss a call so that you take action asap, make sure no potential high-value clients are missed during peak times.

Personalize caller experience

Brind call add-ons into the flow to smooth your conversations with greetings, keypad entry, whispers, recordings, surveys, and more.

Fully optimized ads – more calls

Start knowing which of your marketing efforts bring high value caseload. Learn where your leads come from, which ad they clicked, and which keyword they used

Harnessing the power of real evidence

Running campaigns using Nimbata means you have left no phone lead unattributed. Identify which of your marketing practices contribute to acquiring new or retaining existing customers – and which aren’t – so that you can stay on the right side.

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Smooth your callers’ experiences

Greeting, whispers, surveys, and call routing features – are all part of the game of giving personal attention from the first call and every call. Use call routing features to direct calls based on the practice area topic they called you from. 

“Best experience ever. Very simple to use.
Amazing customer service.”

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Power up your everyday tools

Connect with powerful Marketing, CRM, and Data Visualisation Tools through Nimbata’s native integrations or via Zapier. Experience a connected marketing tech hub – ready for data-backed decisions and discover how your phone leads turn into loyal customers.

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Resources: your go-to place for inspiration

Take a sneak peek at how call tracking can help your legal marketing.

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With Nimbata we finally have a good system to track performance and calculate ROI for each ad.

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