The Ultimate Call Tracking Dashboard Your Clients Will Love + vids [2022]

Call Tracking reports

A call tracking dashboard enables marketing agencies to share phone call data with their clients and prove the value of their work – all under a single roof!

In the past we’ve discussed about how important it is to include calls to your marketing attribution methods and have session based insights, down to keyword level, about which campaigns are performing best. As a marketing agency, this is more than enough for you to be able to invest your customer’s marketing budget to marketing actions that provenly work.

But how about your customer?

Sure, they might be noticing a spike in quality leads but this should be also reflected in a report, which is simple, easily accessible from any device, real-time and easy to understand.

Enter the Call Tracking Dashboard!

1. What is a Call Tracking Dashboard?

A call tracking dashboard is an essential asset for any marketing agency or marketing professional. Through simple and easy to understand reports and charts, the call tracking dashboard helps marketers visualize the fruits of their work to their clients. Your customer can easily access this dashboard and learn which marketing actions make their phone ring and learn which of these leads led to a sale or an appointment.

2. What are the Benefits?

Say goodbye to hours of work trying to fetch data manually and creating reports from scratch. The call tracking dashboard is configured once, contains all the essential reports you need to communicate to your customer and your client can access it from their PC or mobile device and monitor calls in real time!

3. Top 5 Call Tracking KPIs and Metrics

When configuring the dashboard that you will share with your clients, it’s important not to miss any key KPIs and metrics. Below we suggest the KPIs and metrics that are a must and should be included in every call tracking dashboard.

1. Call Summary

A quick overview of the key metrics of your calls which includes:

  • Total Calls
  • Total Answered Calls
  • Total Minutes
  • Average Call Duration
  • Unique Callers
  • New Callers
2. Total Calls by day

This report will give you a breakdown of total calls per day / per marketing source. Watch out for any spikes out of the ordinary which may indicate that one of your marketing campaigns is performing really well!

3. Calls by marketing source

This report will show you a list of the top marketing sources bringing calls. Very important to assess how well each marketing channel is performing.

4. Missed Callers

These are customers who called you, never connected with you or one of your agents, and never called back again. The list will provide you with their number so you can call them back.

5. Average calls per hour and day

This KPI shows you which day and what time your customers prefer to call you. Monitor this report to check if any calls are not being handled and when is the best time and day to promote your product or service.

4. What Marketing Channels Should be Included?

Another essential part of the dashboard is to include all the marketing channels you are running paid campaigns, but also include channels that drive traffic to your site organically. This way you will be able to accurately assess which channels are driving calls and which don’t. A typical call tracking dashboard includes the following channels:

5. An Example of a Call Tracking Dashboard

Below you can get a view of the call tracking dashboard we share with our clients. Our clients are able to view how many calls they’ve received, at any given point in time, check which campaigns or marketing sources are driving those calls, filter by new or repeat customers, and check the times and days that their customers prefer to connect.

6. How to Create a Call Tracking Dashboard?

Want more?

The Call Tracking Dashboard can be white-labelled, branded with your logos, brand colors and wording, making it the ideal dashboard to share with your clients and prove your work!