Keyword Level Call Tracking.

Attribute inbound call activity to specific keywords, ads or page visits.


Dynamic Number Insertion.

By adding a Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) script on your web properties, tracking numbers dynamically swap the numbers in place and report the source of each call. This allows you to track visitors on an individual basis, but for them, the process is completely seamless.

Publish our pixel on your site using Google Tag Manager, our official WordPress Plugin, or directly with a brief one-line code snippet. This will dynamically swap your site’s existing phone numbers with one of your tracking numbers. 

Keyword Insights

Nimbata offers session-based insights on converted calls just like viewing other types of conversions in your Google Analytics account. Each time a prospective customer places a call, Nimbata sends an event to Google Analytics including the GCLID which provides insights on campaign, ad group, keyword, landing pages, affinity groups, etc.

Single Page App Support

Certain websites are built as single page applications (SPAs), where the page contents are rendered dynamically when a visitor engages with the site. Turn this on in the Nimbata tracking app and add a delay (in seconds) to accommodate any animated page transitions.

All Browsers

Nimbata call tracking captures your phone leads’ data, no matter which internet browser they are using.

First or Last Click

In the first click and last-click attribution model, phone leads are attributed respectively to the first and last source that drove the call. In certain situations, you may want a particular source to take precedence over another. Nimbata allows you to prioritize certain sources and override the first click for your attribution goals.

Custom Landing Pages

Nimbata allows you to track visitors across multiple landing pages and subdomains. By tracking each one of them, you gain valuable insights on those that perform best driving the most calls to your business and adapt your marketing efforts to increase your phone leads.


Visitors are cookied so that they continue to see the same tracking number on ensuing visits. Nimbata allows you to set this policy in alignment with the way you attribute your calls.

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