Automation Rules for Streamlined Lead Classification[+How to video]

lead classification

Lead Classification simplified!

Introducing Automation Rules – the latest enhancement to our Lead Management suite that revolutionizes lead classification.

Phone lead classification with automation rules

How Automation Rules work

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming and error-prone lead classification processes. With our new feature, you can quickly create rules to fit your analysis needs. No more relying on pre-defined key terms – now you can classify leads based on behavioral criteria like duration, direction, source, or campaign.

How automation rules work in Nimbata

Automation Rules are a powerful tool that enables the automatic classification and categorization of calls based on specific criteria. This tool is essential for anyone who wants to streamline the lead qualification process, automate coaching, training, and quality assurance, or categorize leads based on specific criteria.

Gone are the days of manually categorizing interactions, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to human error. With Automation Rules, customers can use a simple workflow to quickly and easily customize their classification process.

Nimbata Activity log example with tags

For example, marketers who want to automatically qualify leads coming from Google Ads can do so without the need to pre-define a specific key term. This type of flexibility provides businesses with greater control over their lead classification process and allows them to focus on what’s important – generating and nurturing leads.

Getting Started with automated lead classification

  • You can set the criteria by selecting each option and set the rule.
    For example create a rule for calls that have talk time >2 minutes
  • Based on the tags you have configured in your account, you can select the tag that will be applied to the call (e.g. conversion)
  • You can also apply multiple tags!
  • Apply a value to these calls (e.g. $100)
  • Finally set a name for this rule so you can easily access it from the Rules page.

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In conclusion, Automation Rules provide businesses with a more efficient and effective way to categorize and classify interactions. By automating the lead qualification process, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and focus on generating and nurturing leads.

Start automating your lead classification process and enjoy the many benefits it offers. Quickly review and qualify leads, automate coaching and training processes, streamline lead routing, and more. So why wait? Start using Automation Rules today!