Join Nimbata’s Affiliate Program And Get Paid Like a Boss!

Nimbata Affiliate Program

If you’re a digital marketer, you already know how hard it is to prove your work to your customers. Sure, clicks and form submissions help you get a good picture of how well your marketing campaigns are performing. But what about calls? To achieve that, you most probably have turned to a call tracking solution.

This makes you an expert!

Your client’s call analytics data show you the way to increase their Marketing ROI and sales.  So, why not leverage that, by joining the Nimbata Affiliate Program? If on the lookout for smart ways to earn extra money, our Affiliate Program serves as a great opportunity to do so. Nimbata pays you a recurring 15% commission for as long as your referrals subscribe to our paid plans. We will also provide you with promotional materials such as logos, banners, and videos to facilitate the process and help you achieve results more easily. 

How to join the Nimbata Affiliate Program

How to become a Nimbata Affiliate

Super-easy, right?

Here’s an example of how our Affiliate Program works:

You refer Martha to us, she subscribes to our Marketing plan ($89) and at the end of the month, she has an accrued amount of $175 for service usage. You’ll earn 15% of her initial payment ($13.35) and then a further 15% based on her usage ($26.25) at the end of the month*, for as long as Martha remains a subscriber. After a year you’ll have earned more than $450 – and that’s just from one referral!

12 Reasons why you should join the Nimbata Affiliate Program

Join Nimbata's Affiliate Program And Get Paid Like a Boss! affiliate program
  1. 15% Lifetime Commission: You earn a 15% commission for as long as your referral remains a paying customer.
  2. No Maximum Capping: There is no limitation to the number of referrals you generate. The more referral paid subscriptions to our plans, the more the earnings you get!
  3. Monthly Payouts*: For every sale being made through your affiliate link, you will receive monthly payouts in your Paypal account, provided that you reach a minimum threshold of $50 within the same month.
  4. 60-day Cookie Span: The cookie life for every referral link is 60 days. This means that if a visitor of yours subscribes to one of our plans within 60 days after the first visit following your referral link, their sales will be attributed to you and you will earn your 15% commission.
  5. Analytics Dashboard & Statistics: View number of customers, signups, clicks along with your awaiting payouts. If you need more details, you can view the breakdown of your performance (last 7 days, 4 weeks, or 6 months), your top URLS, and referrers along with your latest commissions and payments. Such insights will help you understand what does or doesn’t work and adapt your tactics to convert more referrals.
  6. White-Glove Support: Customer Support is a critical success factor for every business. Nimbata’s Support Team is always stand-by, ensuring that all customers receive technical assistance whenever they need it, no matter where they’re located.
  7. High Conversion Rates: Happy customers are our strongest asset. Invest time and effort in promoting a company that listens to its customers and puts them first.
  8. Affordable Pricing: Nimbata is the one of the top affordable options for call tracking, offering great value for money. Contrary to other call tracking platforms, Nimbata charges per answered call – not minutes talked!
  9. Global Availability: Nimbata instantly provides local or toll-free phone numbers from over 70 countries, in Europe, USA, Canada, South America, and Australia.
  10. Powerful Features: Nimbata offers all the features businesses and marketers need to boost their call tracking setup. Your referrals can tap into a variety of add-ons and integrations to make the most of their inbound calls.
  11. Easy Setup: The setup process is very simple so that everyone can take advantage of this powerful attribution tool. No advanced technical skills are required. Users can have their account set up and running in minutes!
  12. Detailed Reporting: Nimbata offers real-time access to a variety of detailed acquisition and behavioral reports so that businesses gain a deep understanding of the marketing channels, ads, and keywords that drive valuable phone leads and sales.


Easy, passive income is coming your way… Will you say “no”?

Join the Nimbata Affiliate Program and start making money today!

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