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Zapier is a web-based automation platform that connects different apps together to automate tasks and workflows without coding. It helps users integrate and automate actions between various applications to streamline processes and save time.

Integration Overview

With the Nimbata + Zapier integration, you can seamlessly connect Nimbata with a 100s of Marketing, CRM, Reporting, and Productivity apps. Effortlessly create zaps to push call events and activity to any desired app, merge data from various sources, receive timely alerts and notifications, and automate your entire marketing workflows with ease. The integration empowers you to streamline your processes and effortlessly integrate call data into your existing systems.

Use Cases

Things you can do when using Zapier with Nimbata include:

  • Lead generation: When a new call is received in Nimbata, you can automatically create a lead or contact in your CRM system, such as Salesforce or HubSpot, ensuring that all relevant information is captured and organized.
  • CRM updates: Whenever a call happens from an existing lead, you can use Zapier to update customer records in your CRM system, ensuring that call activities are tracked and accessible alongside other customer interactions.
  • Notification alerts: You can set up Zaps to receive real-time notifications in various communication and productivity app like Slack or Email whenever specific call events occur in Nimbata, such as missed calls or calls with a specific tag or duration.
  • Email Marketing and Workflow automation: You can trigger actions in other apps based on call events in Nimbata. For example, when a call ends in Nimbata, you can automatically send a follow-up email using an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign or update a task in a project management tool like Trello.
How to Get Started with Zapier Integration:
  • Create your free Nimbata Account
  • Connect your Nimbata and Zapier accounts
  • Go to Zapier and set up your nimbata zap according to your needs

Any Questions?

If you need help setting up Nimbata for Zapier, make sure to check out this help article or request a demo to help you with setting up the integration.

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