A list of the 4 best Lead Tracking Tools for Marketers

4 lead tracking tools for marketers

Hey there!

In today’s crazy business world, keeping tabs on leads is a must if you want to move forward and not waste your marketing $$$.

Lead tracking may sound suspicious to many people but guess what?

It isn’t!

On the contrary, if you don’t track leads you are probably risking your marketing budget and are basing decisions on false information and intuition.

The good news?

Thanks to fancy technology, there are now software tools that can help with this, saving time and making things work better.

In this blog post, we share 4 lead tracking tools that help you keep track of potential customers.

#1. Microsoft Clarity for session recordings

Microsoft Clarity is the new kid on the blocked backed by Microsoft. It helps website owners see how leads interact with their websites by recording their sessions!

It recently got a facelift as their product team annouced a few weeks ago.

…and guess what?

It rocks! 🤘


Clarity’s UI / UX is dead simple and you can quickly find the session recordings you want.

We particularly like the ability to view session recordings by channel and even campaigns!


Maybe the addition of conversion tracking. Knowing exactly which sessions led to a conversion.

#2. Nimbata for tracking phone calls

A lot of times you’ll notice that a lead ends up calling rather than converting online.

Having a call tracking platform in place is a must if you don’t want to miss out on phone leads.

Nimbata does what it promises. Track every phone call lead down to the keyword that drove it!


To check which of our campaigns bring quality phone leads down the funnel we use Nimbata.

It would be odd if we didn’t 🤣 and we’ve written all about it.

How Nimbata’s marketing team uses Nimbata in their day to day actions.


As much as we like Nimbata we do miss a visitor timeline – the ability to see which pages the lead visited and when they made the phone call.

Ohhh wait! What’s this?

Nimbata visitor timeline screenshot

We managed to get a screenshot of our dev environment.

Shhh please don’t tell our devs we shared this 😂

Guess we spoiled the surprise of our next release.

#3. HubSpot for tracking forms and emails

A CRM you either love or love to hate.

We are personally huge fans of HubSpot as we can easily capture leads from various channels, such as forms on our website, social media platforms, and email campaigns.

HubSpot automatically logs all interactions with leads, including website visits, email opens, and document downloads.


Simple. Powerful. Easy to use with many features. What’s not to love?

We went a step further and partnered with them so you can also push phone calls directly to HubSpot without the hassle.

Nimbata is now a certified app in the HubSpot App Marketplace!

As of June 15th, we’re proud to be a certified app in the HubSpot marketplace. We know a lot of you rely on our integration with HubSpot so we took it a step further and made it official.

Below a word from the HubSpot team about this integration:

“We’re excited to have Nimbata as a member of our App Partner Program,” said Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot. Nimbata’s integration with HubSpot can make it even easier for our customers to meet and exceed their growth goals.”


Easier modification of HubSpot’s email templates.

#4. Google Analytics 4 for conversion tracking

We’ve heard from a lot of marketers and business owners that even though they’ve made the switch to GA4, they still struggle to understand if the data they are seeing matches the ones they were used to viewing in reports in Universal Analytics.

While this is true, Google Analytics still is a key player when it comes to tracking your leads.

We use it mainly to check which Google Ads campaigns are driving conversions.

Our native Nimbata + GA 4 integration allows us also to send phone call events directly in GA4 and view phone calls as conversions.

Landing page optimization tools - GA4


The flexibility and the customization options. We use the exploration reports for more in depth analysis when it comes to understanding our leads.


The simplicity of Universal Google Analytics. It was so much easier to use.

Takeaway – 4 must have tools to track leads

This is just our list of tools we use on a daily basis to track leads.

Of course there are many amazing software tools out there which didn’t make our list but do the job equally fine.

Let us know in the comments if we are missing out on a killer app!

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