How to Choose the Right Call Tracking Platform for Your Business

Call Tracking Platform

Call Tracking platforms are thriving nowadays, and that’s because businesses and marketers are seeking for more data about their customers.

Recently we made a list with The 10 Best Call Tracking Platforms. If you’ve read it, you might have noticed that there are minor differences in terms of functionality and features, but there are plenty of other things to consider before choosing the right call tracking platform.

By designating a unique phone number to each campaign and making a phone call the most prevalent call to action, a good call tracking platform evaluates the number and quality of leads produced by all channels in each of your advertising campaigns — both offline and online. Whether you’re operating through Google Ads, running a Facebook campaigns, or any other type of campaign, knowing what’s working is critical to boosting business analytics.

But how can you pick a call tracking platform that will help you meet your goals? 🤯

Check out our 5 key points, that will help you choose the best call tracking platform for your business.

5 tips to consider before choosing a Call Tracking Platform

#Tip 1 – Quick setup

Any call tracking solution must be simple to set up and use. This is critical since time equals money, but dealing with a lengthy and complex configuration and setup process is never comfortable. It consumes your time and ultimately hampers the growth of your organization. You must choose a call tracking platform that will allow you to build up client campaigns in the least amount of time. To get started, choose a solution that integrates with Google Tag Manager. Order tracking numbers, set up your call flow rules, and track client calls immediately.

#Tip 2 – Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

We explained in depth what Dynamic Call Tracking and Dynamic Number Insertion is and how it works in one of our previous articles.

To sum up, Dynamic number insertion not only allows you to track your callers in detail but also helps you understand who your customer is, such as their identity, how they found you on the internet, and which keywords they used to search for you. Dynamic Call Tracking is an efficient tool to optimize your marketing efforts. It gives you crucial information on which initiatives bring more clients to your company and which ones aren’t.

A call tracking platform must dynamically swap numbers on your website. DNI enables you to swap numbers on your website seamlessly. It eliminates the uncertainty of how a lead reached your company. It signifies that if you include JavaScript code in your pages (for example, as part of a Google Analytics tag), that particular code should be able to display preloaded phone numbers based on the page’s URL, as determined by the software. It takes a lot of time to number each page separately, which wouldn’t scale beyond a few campaigns. Manually recording data with dynamic phone numbers can be avoided with this feature. 

Furthermore, manually assigning numbers to different campaigns may result in issues if you make a mistake. They also limit the possibility of human error, which might skew the accuracy of your data. 

#Tip 3 – Customization and Integration

This is also an essential consideration before choosing a call tracking app. This is because every firm has specific requirements and a unique way of utilizing data. Your way of using data may likely differ from other organizations. For example, you might want to activate a ‘call whisper’ feature that indicates where the caller found you, so your employees can be prepared while navigating a sale. Intelligent journey triggers, which allow you to set up custom workflows depending on precise client segmentation, may also be on your radar. Whatever your needs are, having a product that can be customized is essential.

If you also wish to use the service provider’s API to code a specific real-time action for your sales reps (including CRM database lookups or screen pops ) when you receive a call, and that action isn’t built into the program, you should be able to do so. The flexibility to personalize the program significantly impacts how you use the data you’ve acquired in a specific period.

When you choose a call tracking platform and use it in conjunction with other tools, integrations are critical since they allow you to gain valuable insights regarding phone leads. You can obtain data about the caller’s customer journey on the site by integrating call tracking software with a web analytics service, for example. Use a Customer Relations Management solution to go a step further, and you’ll be capable of comprehending the whole sales cycle of an offline lead. 

As a result, ease of interface with other technologies is a crucial consideration.

#Tip 4 – Call recordings and transcriptions

Call recordings and transcriptions can reveal a lot about your potential consumers and their requirements. They offer you a plethora of data about them and their expectations. You should be capable of recognizing patterns in how potential clients inquire about your products and the terminology they use to describe specific problems and other issues over time. You may use this data to fine-tune your marketing copy and advertising approach by feeding it back into the system. You can also utilize them to figure out how callers inquire about the services you offer and what their most immediate concerns are. With this in mind, you may use it to make general modifications to your advertising copy and marketing plan.

Call recordings can also be utilized in a certain way to train employees on how to work with leads over the call more efficiently.

They can also help you learn how your sales representatives conduct calls to provide appropriate and honest feedback. This is one of the best uses of call recordings as they reveal almost everything about how your employees treat your customers. Since they represent ‘you,’ their way of communicating with the customers can ‘make or break;’ your company’s reputation. Therefore, such recordings prove to be of utmost importance in analyzing this important aspect about your employees.

#Tip 5 – Affordability

Who doesn’t want the charges of software to be reasonable? When the size of your campaign grows and call volumes increase, cost becomes a vital consideration. It’s impossible to avoid conducting thorough research and comparing the costs of various software solutions that fit your needs. Because each of your incoming sales calls is routed through the call monitoring system, you should opt for a solution that provides the most reasonable rates and does not include hidden charges. Because you may be purchasing a large number of phone numbers as you scale your campaigns, phone number costs must be taken into account.

These are the top 5 considerations when considering a call tracking platform. Contact an expert to get other valuable suggestions about the best software for your marketing campaigns if you wish to know more.

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