5 Tips to Measure Offline Marketing ROI Accurately

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Offline marketing has created tremendous impacts on the sales of products and services in the past. Over the years, marketers and business-owners advertise their products and services using banners, billboard ads, direct mail, live demonstrations, etc. Marketing your products and services using offline marketing techniques is still important to businesses (large or small). There are locations where the internet is lacking; hence, the call for offline marketing. 

Importance of Offline Marketing to Your Business

The offline marketing strategy helps businesses in diverse ways. Below are some of the benefits your business stands to gain.

Building awareness for your business

Offline marketing such as advertising via Magazines, Radio stations, Televisions, newspapers, and other offline measures is still useful in creating awareness for your business. The most important thing is to know when your audiences are available to this medium.


Staying in touch with your customers

Another importance of offline marketing is that it helps you to locate your customers where they are. It is not everybody that spends time online; for instance, the aged and retired ones. Marketing your products and services offline can be useful most, especially when these categories of people are your targeted audience.

Test running your products in new regions

With offline marketing, you can get insights into the demands of your customer and feedback. For example, you can run marketing campaigns using different approaches to see what the interests of your customer are. Offline marketing will pave the way for more explicit pictures of customers’ wants than using digital marketing.

How To Measure Offline Marketing ROI

Marketing strategies are only effective when they are monitored from time to time. Measuring your offline marketing strategy will help your business achieve the purpose of its moving out to let the people know about its products and services. Technology tools make it easy to measure offline marketing strategy and below are ways you can utilize to measure your offline marketing.

5 Tips to Measure Offline Marketing ROI Accurately googleanalytics
  • Be specific in your URLs: You can create a different landing page and URL for every offline channel and then engage your audiences via the specific channel’s URL in marketing views. Using customized URLs is among the easiest and best measures to track the performance of your offline marketing. 
  • Create Google analytics with search console: Google analytics is an online tool used to track the performance of offline marketing by installing the tracking code on your web page. After setting up your Google analytics, the next important tool is the Google search console, which allows you to search for vital analytics about your website. 
  • Using Geofilters: Another great way you can measure your offline marketing (if there is an increment in foot traffic) after some online promotions; is the use of Geofilters. Geofilters can be useful when you have a different location for your targeted audience.  
  • Pay Attention to Non-referral Traffic: measuring your offline marketing will bring about an excellent result if you pay close attention to your non-referral traffic analytics. To do this, go to your Google Analytics and click on the Acquisition tab. Click Overview as it appears on the drop-down menu. You have to select a timeline, which needs to show the date you started your last offline marketing strategy. Direct will pop up, and you just have to take a look at it. You will get information about those who visit your site by typing the URL into a browser.
  • Pay Attention to Search Volume During Campaign: a good way to measure your offline marketing is to know how well your business name is being searched and the changes occurring in the search as you are running your campaign. Using Google Keyword Planner will help you know how people are searching for your brand name, and you will know whether the volume is increasing or decreasing.
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Despite the widespread acceptance of digital marketing in the business world today, there is no doubt that many people still embrace offline marketing. It is essential and effective in the local markets. While it is quite difficult to track offline marketing campaigns, it is not an impossible task. Utilizing digital marketing tools will help you have a clear picture of what your offline marketing is brought to the table.