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calltrackingmetrics pricing

In case you’re looking for a call tracking platform that can help you track offline conversions, you might come across CallTrackingMetrics pricing in your search.

To provide you with a clearer insight into this call tracking platform, we have compiled a detailed summary of CallTrackingMetrics pricing plans and the features. This will allow you to understand the costs involved and determine if it can adapt and support the growth of your team.

By the end of this blog you’ll have a snapshot of CallTrackingMetrics pricing plans in terms of:

  • Price
  • Features
  • How these plans stack up to Nimbata

What is CallTrackingMetrics?

CallTrackingMetrics is a call tracking and analytics platform that allows businesses to track phone calls, qualify leads, and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The platform offers features like call tracking, call routing, call recording, lead and conversion tracking, and comprehensive analytics. It also provides integration with over 40 popular marketing, analytics, and business solutions without requiring any coding.

CallTrackingMetrics pricing plans

In a nutshell, here are the available CallTrackingMetrics pricing options. These prices decrease if you opt-in for an annual subscription.

  1. Performance: $39/month + usage
  2. Growth: $119/month + usage
  3. Connect: $329/month + usage

Does CallTrackingMetrics offer a free plan or a free trial?

No. CallTrackingMetrics doesn’t have a free plan or a free trial. Entering your credit card is required in order to sign up for a CallTrackingMetrics account. After the checkout, CTM provides users with a month of free plan (charges for Usage will still apply)

What’s included in CallTrackingMetrics pricing plans?

CallTrackingMetrics pricing plans include a range of features, various add-ons and integrations. Here are some of the features provided, categorized by plan.

1. Performance plan

CallTrackingMetrics’ Performance plan includes the following:

  • Unlimited users
  • Attribution of calls and texts to their source
  • Standard call recording, forwarding, and IVR routing
  • Inbound and outbound text campaigns
  • API access and integrations with Google and Microsoft
  • Access to knowledge base, training library, and ticket hub

2. Growth plan

Everything in Performance plan plus:

  • Agency-friendly options with white labels & unlimited sub-accounts
  • FormReactor® to track unlimited web forms
  • AskAI powered by ChatGPT
  • Triggers to automate custom lead workflows, scoring, & analysis
  • Premium marketing integrations including Google Ads, GA4, and HubSpot
  • Enhanced security and HIPAA/GDPR compliance
  • Full access to live support from product experts

3. Connect plan

Everything in Growth plan plus:

  • Reduced usage costs for high-volume lead centers
  • Advanced customizations for softphone, role-based settings, & workflows
  • Real-time dashboards & coaching tools
  • Smart dialer and advanced outbound technology
  • Includes five chat licenses
  • Premium sales and experience integrations including Salesforce & Zendesk
  • Single sign-on (SSO) user authentication

CallTrackingMetrics integrates with a variety of applications, including Facebook, HubSpot, AgencyAnalytics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Zapier, and more.

Nimbata: A better CallTrackingMetrics alternative

To better understand the value provided by CallTrackingMetrics’ pricing and features, it’s worthwhile to compare it with other call tracking platforms out there. Nimbata is a great choice for comparison, as it’s built by marketers for marketers, with stellar support and the only call tracking platform that doesn’t charge per minute – but per answered call!

Nimbata Dashboard

What is Nimbata?

Nimbata is a call tracking and lead management software which helps marketers and business owners understand their call volumes and phone lead quality. The tool is designed by Marketers for Marketers, enabling them to track which channels are driving the most phone calls and optimize their marketing ROI.

Nimbata offers a range of call tracking and analytics features, including call recording, call transcription, call tagging, and call reporting. These features help businesses understand caller behavior and call outcomes, allowing them to improve their call handling processes and provide a better customer experience. In addition, Nimbata integrates with a range of other tools, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Salesforce, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their marketing and sales performance.

Best Features: Customizable DashboardReporting Views and Automation Rules

Pros: Simple and easy to use interface, 24/7 human support available, Pay per answered Call model

Best for: Attributing phone leads to different channels and pushing only quality call data through integration triggers to Marketing & Sales tools (Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, HubSpot)

Detailed Pricing

  • Entry Plan: Free
  • Pro Plan: $39/month.
  • Marketing Plan: $89/month.
  • Agency Plan: $149/month

On our pricing page, you can experiment with the different options to find the perfect price and solution for your team and budget.

Nimbata vs. CallTrackingMetrics: How do they compare?

Here’s a brief comparison of the features available in Nimbata and CallTrackingMetrics.

CallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 cropped logo blue pngCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 calltrackingmetrics
Free PlanCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 checkCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 cancel
Best ForMarketers & AgenciesCall Centers
Pricing aligned to # of leads you getCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 checkCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 cancel
Cost of leadPer Answered CallPer Talking Minutes
Number PortingCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 checkonly US & CA
Automation RulesCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 checkCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 cancel
HubSpot IntegrationCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 checkCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 check at Growth Plan ($119/mo)
Google Analytics 4CallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 check with free onboardingCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 check support fees if you need help
Call Activity ViewsCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 checkCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 cancel
Dedicated Call Tracking ExpertsCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 checkCallTrackingMetrics pricing guide for 2023 cancel

What level of support does each platform offer?

Depending on your CallTrackingMetrics pricing plan, CTM offers either a Knowledge base or customer support through live chat. For complex issues, CTM’s support team will provide a quote based on the estimated hours required to address the problem.

At Nimbata we offer 24/7 support via chat, email or phone and our Help Desk every day of the year. In addition to our support, we also have a knowledge center and YouTube channel full of useful tutorials and new feature updates.

Don’t just take our word for it. Compare what real users are saying about our stellar support.

Nimbata vs Call Tracking Metrics comparison

Is CallTrackingMetrics worth the investment?

With all the necessary information at your disposal, utilize these questions to determine if CallTrackingMetrics’ pricing model is suitable for your needs.

  • How important is it for you to have call tracking specialists available to answer any question you have?
  • Are you looking for a solution that can be implemented within minutes?
  • Should Plans and Usage for call tracking be expensive?

On review sites like G2, Trustpilot and Capterra, Nimbata has an average rating of 9.5/10! Many reviewers felt that Nimbata meets their needs better than CallTrackingMetrics. They found it easier to use, setup, and enjoy the support.

Ready to give it a go?

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