Maximizing Returns: How Call Tracking Can Boost Your ROI

5 tips to boost your call tracking setup

Take full advantage of what Nimbata can offer to your business with those 5 easy-to-implement call tracking tips.

Tip #1: Set up Call Recording

Customer Experience is a top priority for most businesses and Call Recording will be your best ally to provide exceptional services to your clients.

Listening to call recordings, in the first place you can easily identify how agents handle your calls and whether further training is required to meet your standards. Secondly, call recordings can reveal very significant customer insights to help your business better understand their needs.

Ready to implement? Just follow the instructions here and call recording will be up in a minute. Once your incoming calls are recorded, you can listen to them directly inside the Nimbata app, or even download them to your computer. You can also head to the Post-Call section of your Activity Page and rate each call.  

Call Tracking Tips
Tag Calls in the Post Call section

Tip #2: Report on UTM level

Have you ever wondered what would be analytics without UTM parameters?

Those tags that appear at the end of URLs are undoubtedly an essential part of Marketing Analytics. They provide very important information about the sources that drive visitors to your web page, to help you optimize your campaigns.

As the discussion here is about Call Analytics, you should know that Nimbata offers reports on UTM level and this is definitely a feature to tap into. To monitor which sources and mediums are bringing the most (and best) phone leads to your business:

  • Ηead to Analytics 
  • Select any of Nimbata’s Acquisition Reports (Tracking Source, Trends, Missed Callers, Compare Periods)
  • Set a date range you wish to monitor and
  • Choose the option “Source/Medium” from the drop-down menu on your right

Ta-da! Your report is ready for you to dive in!

Nimbata Report on Source/Medium
Reports on Source/ Medium

Tip #3: Integrate with Google Sheets

Real-time analytics is one of the best things in the Marketing world. The same applies to Google products! Nimbata brings those two together with its Google Sheets integration.

The integration with Google Sheets enables you to push your caller data to your online spreadsheets in real-time to create custom reports, but also keep your partners and team members informed on the campaign progress.         

Nimbata Integration with Google Sheets
Integration with Google Sheets

Yet, its functionality doesn’t end here. In case you are using Google Data Studio for your reporting, Google Sheets will do the dirty job sending in one place all your call data.   

So, what are you waiting for? Register to our Marketing plan and your Google Sheets will soon populate with data of the callers the moment they reach your business.

Oh, I almost forgot… Here is a step by step guide to integrate your account with Google Sheets.

Tip #4: Format how numbers are displayed

It’s the details that make the difference… Even the way your tracking numbers show up on your website. What does this mean?

By default, tracking numbers are displayed on your web page with no formatting (e.g. 19172849439). Wouldn’t be easier for your visitors to dial something like this: +1 917 284 9439

It’s a really tiny detail, but in fact, adds to the overall user experience. Besides, it can be implemented in no time following these simple steps.

Tip #5: Customize your Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboards combine together a great deal of data. But they don’t have all of them the same value for your business. Being able to prioritize what is most important to monitor- based on your business objectives- will help you get quickly the overview of your performance and make timely decisions for your steps ahead. 

With Nimbata, you can take full advantage of a customized dashboard and here is how to do it.

Your phone calls are packed with customer insights to help you generate more sales for your business. So, waste time no more! Log in to Nimbata and follow those 5 simple call tracking tips to make the most of our call tracking platform.