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Consumer journeys are complex. Knowing what inspires callers to reach a business helps bridge the gap between digital and offline worlds. It strengthens the connection amidst brands and their customers.

Nimbata offers a call analytics platform so that marketers can optimize sales, spend budgets smarter and enhance the visitor experience. By attributing marketing efforts to calls, marketers finally obtain a true omni-channel view on what drives consumers to act.


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Our Team & Mission

A little bit about the team behind nimbata.

Knowledge is power. We understand a unique story lies behind each customer's journey. And so, our products have been built for data-driven marketers who seek simple and coherent information on what makes their customers tick.

Our mission is to build clean and intelligent applications which allow our clients to increase revenues, reduce costs and improve the relationship with their customers. Our team holds experience from some of the leading Fortune 500 companies in the space. It consists of PhD holders, MBAs and professionals in the marketing, data science and telco sectors.


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