Gain Powerful Insights With These 15 Google Analytics Integrations in 2024

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Google Analytics has been a cornerstone for website and marketing analysis for decades. Today though, it’s not enough if you want to extract the most valuable insights. You will often need to use a multitude of platforms and tools. Google Analytics integrations are the key to unlocking a treasure trove of information. 

In this article we will discuss the Google Analytics integrations that will elevate your analysis game in 2024. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your data and gain a competitive edge.

Why Google Analytics Integrations Matter in 2024

Google Analytics has evolved beyond being a simple website visits and clicks tracker. Through constant updates, it has transformed itself into a gateway to a whole new level of customer understanding. With Google Analytics integrations, you can connect GA4 to a wide range of tools and fuse data from CRM, marketing automation platforms, ecommerce applications and other analytics suites.

This unified view will allow you to see the complete customer journey and gain valuable insights from it. You will be able to understand which marketing channels drive the most high-value leads and optimize your website accordingly. With the proper Google Analytics integrations you can completely transform your business and rise above your competition.

Google Analytics 4 Integrations by Industry

There are a plethora of tools you can integrate with Google Analytics 4. But in this article we are going to focus on CRM software, scheduling applications, SEO solutions, Email tools and call tracking. Before diving deeper, here’s an overview.

Software IndustryBest Tool to integrate to Google Analytics 4Alternative Tools that integrate well to
Google Analytics 4
Outcome of Google Analytics integrations
CRMSalesforceHubSpot, Zoho CRMUnified View of website and customer behavior
SchedulingCalendlyOnceHub, Acuity SchedulingBetter monitor customer touchpoints when booking a call
SEOSemrsuhAhrefs, Moz ProConnections of SEO keyword rankings with user behavior and engagement
Email MarketingMailchimpMailerlite, BrevoInsights on how website visitors interact with your email campaigns
Call TrackingNimbataCallrail, CallTrackingMetricsInsights on which channels generate the most high-value phone calls

CRM Software that Integrate to Google Analytics 4

A CRM integration with Google Analytics can create a powerful synergy. This way, you can bridge the gap between your website behavior and your customer details into a unified view. You can derive valuable insights into how customers interact with your website and what turns them into leads or sales. It’s a holistic approach into optimizing your marketing efforts, personalizing your content and allowing for data-driven decisions. 


The effect of Google Analytics Salesforce integration can be massive for your business. These two platforms are giants in their respective fields and you can bring them together into a powerful data creating engine. You will have a clear understanding of which marketing channels drive leads in Salesforce and optimize them even further. If you want to learn more, check out this course.

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Image source: Salesforce


A Hubspot and Google Analytics integration will clear the picture of which website visitors convert into qualified leads. You will gain a unified view of your marketing funnel and see how website interactions translate into form submissions, leads and finally, closed deals.


When you integrate Zoho and Google Analytics 4, you gain much more than just basic reporting. You can easily analyze KPIs and slice and dice your GA4 data in any way you need. You can make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns.

Scheduling Software that Integrate to Google Analytics 4

It might not seem like it, but scheduling software and Google Analytics integrations can provide you with a wealth of data about your customers’ journey. By integrating your appointment bookings or consultations with Google Analytics 4, you can understand which marketing channels bring you the most qualified leads. This knowledge will empower you to optimize your marketing efforts towards attracting more high-value customers and improving your return on investment from your campaigns.


With a Calendly Google Analytics integration you can track how visitors interact with your scheduling pages. This lets you see how often people visit, submit routing forms, and ultimately book meetings. All this data is seamlessly fed into your Google Analytics for easy analysis.

Google Analytics Integrations - Calendly Google Analytics Integration

Image source: Calendly


OnceHub seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to track where your bookings come from. This could be anything from email campaigns and social media posts to PPC ads. By understanding which sources generate the most appointments, you can optimize your marketing strategies and focus your resources on the channels that deliver results.

Acuity Scheduling

Integrating Acuity with Google Analyticsβ unlocks valuable insights into how clients interact with your scheduling process. You can see which aspects resonate and identify potential roadblocks. With this data at your fingertips, you can optimize your booking flow, maximizing your appointments and client satisfaction.

SEO Software that Integrate to Google Analytics 4

An effective SEO strategy requires rigorous data collection and analysis. SEO tools and Google Analytics integrations are a match made in heaven. You will connect SEO keywords ranking with user behavior and engagement, identifying this way which keywords work better. This will lead to more leads and traffic to your business. You will then be able to craft content and optimize your website with the data collected, thus creating a feedback loop that will lead to even more conversions.


With Semrush you can unify your website insights with Google Analytics 4. You will be able to streamline your workflow and bring all your data together into one central hub. Analyzing traffic sources, keyword performance and SEO health will become much easier.

Google Analytics Integrations - Semrush Google Analytics Integration

Image source: Semrush


Ahrefs and Google Analytics can synergize and produce amazing results for your business. Ahrefs’ keyword research will help you identify topics that convert, while GA4 can track user behavior and show you how your content resonates. 

Moz Pro

Moz Pro offers an industry-leading keyword research feature that helps you identify the proper keywords and bring high-value traffic to your website. When you integrate it with Google Analytics 4, you can track user behavior and see which keywords also lead to conversions. You can then optimize your content strategy and generate even more traffic and conversions.

Email Marketing Software that Integrate to Google Analytics 4

Email marketing is so much more than just sending a few well-designed emails. You need to know what makes your customers interact with or ignore them. And for that, you need data. Combine your email marketing tools with Google Analytics integrations and you will gain access to a wealth of them. You will be able to see how website visitors interact with your email campaigns. What leads them to sign-up for your newsletters and track campaign performance and click-through rates within the email marketing tool. You can then optimize your email marketing even more and lead to better results.


A Google Analytics Mailchimp integration can produce amazing results. By integrating them you can track website visitors and see how they interact with your Mailchimp email campaigns. This lets you understand which website actions lead into email signups and engagement. Then, analyzing performance with Mailchimp you can optimize your campaigns even further.

Google Analytics Integrations - Mailchimp Integration

Image source: Mailchimp


Integrating Mailerlite with Google Analytics 4 gives you the ability to make data-driven decisions about your email marketing strategy. You can analyze how website visitors interact with your campaigns and identify strongpoints and bottlenecks. This data-rich approach allows for targeted email campaigns that result in higher engagement and conversions.


The Brevo and Google Analytics 4 integration bridges the gap between website behavior and your email marketing efforts. You can analyze how your website visitors interact with your Brevo email campaigns and gain valuable insights. This allows you to optimize your marketing funnel, personalize email content and drive more website traffic and conversions through your emails.

Call Tracking Software that Integrate to Google Analytics 4

Integrating your call tracking software with Google Analytics 4 can bridge the gap between online and offline customer interactions. You will then have a complete picture of your customers’ journey. Inbound phone calls will feed GA4 with data that will shine light upon which marketing channels drive the most valuable calls. You can then optimize your marketing campaigns further, convert leads into calls and improve your return on investment.


A Google Analytics and Nimbata integration can lead to a seamless transfer of call data as conversion events to your GA4 account. This will allow you to understand how website visits translate into phone calls, a crucial element for every business that operates online. This newfound data will enable you to optimize your content even further, leading to more calls and more conversions down the line.


With a CallRail and Google Analytics integration, every call, text or form submission using your tracked number becomes an event within your GA4 dashboard. With this reporting, you can see call data alongside website behavior, segment callers for targeted analysis and track calls. You will have a more complete understanding of how visitors engage with your website, leading to smarter marketing decisions.


The CallTrackingMetrics and Google Analytics integration will help you understand the complete customer journey that ends up to a phone call. By sending call data directly to your GA4 account, you will be able to see how customers interact with your website or ads and what makes them pick up the phone. With this data, you can then fine tune your marketing even more.

Bonus: WordPress & Woocommerce Integrations

Websites and ecommerce thrive on data. When you integrate WordPress and Woocommerce with Google Analytics, you gain a treasure trove of them. You will have a unified view of your visitors and customers and see their whole journey. You can then put all this data into use, by updating personalized content, seeing product performance and optimize them, make better recommendations and data drive decisions that will lead to further growth.


In this article we explored over 15 Google Analytics integrations. The unified picture this integration will create can unlock the true potential of your business. You will have easy access to an abundance of data that can help you make important decisions and plan an efficient marketing and sales strategy. With the proper integrations, your tools and GA4 will transform into the tip of the spear of your business planning.