Call Analytics Dashboard & Reports.

Get real-time access to over 30 acquisition and behavioral call analytics reports.

Call Analytics Dashboard

Combine the power of data analytics with phone calls.

Knowing your target audience along with its needs, concerns and desires is all you need to build successful marketing campaigns.
Nimbata call analytics software offers a variety of real-time acquisition and behavioral reports to help businesses:

  • Ιdentify their audience
  • Measure marketing effectiveness
  • Take data-driven decisions to maximize ROI
  • Allocate budgets better
  • Monitor agents’ performance to improve customer experience

Customized Call Analytics Dashboard.

This is the place to be for every businessman and marketer while monitoring call performance. Here you can find gathered all the necessary call tracking metrics you need to analyze in order to make decisions for the future. Since needs differ from account to account, you can easily create your own Customized Call Analytics Dashboard according to your preferences so as to isolate and focus on insights that matter the most for your business or clients.

Acquisition Reports.

This is the Holy Grail of call analytics. Nimbata’s Acquisition Reports compare the call performance of all the different marketing sources a business utilizes to market its products or services. Once you know what works best for your business, you can isolate those assets that bring valuable phone leads and laser focus all the marketing efforts to maximize ROI. In other words, no more guesswork, no more wasted budget in activities that don’t convert.

Acquisition Reports
Daily Trends


Trends in marketing are important to monitor as they reveal insights in consumers’ behavior and how that shifts over time due to intrinsic or exogenous factors. Nimbata analyzes your inbound calls and depicts how customers react in specific periods of time. Such insights serve as a good indicator in terms of marketing perspective.

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Frequency Reports.

Frequency reveals call behavior patterns regarding the preferred dates and times users tend to call a specific business. It is another significant metric in call analytics, which should be taken into account. Frequency helps assess whether the human resources are adequate to handle the volume of inbound calls or whether extra support is needed. Nimbata provides statistics about the answered, unanswered and canceled calls along with those on hold due to busy phone lines.

Frequency Report
Compare Periods

Compare Periods.

Comparing periods helps showcase the progress that has been made towards specific business objectives, enabling you to readjust your marketing efforts in order to achieve better results. Nimbata provides this useful metric so as to easily compare call performance for specific dates or for a date range. You simply choose whether to display data per source or tracking number and by applying the filters you have in seconds the comparisons you need.

Geography Reports.

Knowing where your phone leads are coming from is a significant piece of information you need to take into account while planning your marketing strategy ahead. Nimbata displays a global map with the inbound calls per country at a first level, providing also the option to drill down into region details for even more specific insights. This way, you’ll avoid wasting your budget in dubious activities at a local level.

Geo Report
Caller Journeys

Caller Journeys.

Bridging the gap between online and offline sales journeys is one of the greatest challenges for every marketer. Nimbata, utilizing Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology, can provide such an analysis to the user in just a few clicks. Gaining a clear and holistic view of the paths a potential customer takes until they end to pick up the phone and call your business is a crucial contributor to success.

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Lost Opportunities.

Customer experience should be a priority for every business that aims to stay on top of mind for its customers. This part of Nimbata’s call analytics reports presents a list of missed calls along with basic details (caller’s number, date, source, attempts) in order for the business to call back but also to take action eliminating unanswered calls in the future. So, it actually serves as an opportunity for improvement.

Lost Callers
Call Log

Call Log.

In the Call Log section is stored your call data fully detailed. Here you can view a complete list of all your answered and missed calls along with captured info around each call. You can customize your Call Log according to the items that are important and should be displayed by selecting them from an extensive list. Call Log is also the place you can copy data, export them in Excel or CSV format, but also send them directly to Google Sheets in real-time.

Advanced Filters.

An easy application of Nimbata filters will bring you in front of all those data that matter the most for your business and should be monitored thoroughly.
In case you handle a multi-client account, our advanced filtering options will make your business life much much easier! With Nimbata call analytics, you are empowered to monitor the performance of your selected accounts in one place, saving time and energy, instead of viewing call data by logging in each account separately. Get customer insights on the spot and speed up your decision-making processes!


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