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Instantly get call tracking numbers or bring in your own

Whether you run marketing campaigns at a local or a global scale, take full advantage of Nimbata’s extensive coverage to measure, analyze, and optimize your call performance, no matter where you are located.
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Call Tracking Numbers Features tracking numbers

Begin tracking calls in minutes.

Nimbata instantly provides you with local or toll-free phone numbers. You simply assign them to the marketing sources you wish to track leads from.

Choose from thousands of numbers available in the US, Canada and over 30 other countries and analyze calls in your dashboad.

Port your existing number to Nimbata.

Bring over your business phone numbers to Nimbata. This hassle-free and straightforward process of porting any of your existing phone numbers is completely free. Our team of experts will ensure a smooth and swift transition so that you continue tracking calls without missing a beat.

Enjoy a seamless migration with zero costs and the help of our support every step of the way. The process, regulated by the government and typically takes 2-4 weeks, but can sometimes be completed even faster.

Call Tracking Numbers Features tracking numbers
Call Tracking Numbers Features tracking numbers

Boost your local presence with local phone numbers.

Show your customers where you’re based – whether it’s in your own local area or in another state across the country. Choose from over 3000 areas in the USA, Canada and abroad.

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Global Availability

Choose call tracking numbers from over 70 countries, in Europe, USA, Canada, South America and Australia.

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Select tracking for any or all of the channels driving traffic to your site or calls to your business.

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Global Porting

Port your existing tracking numbers without any hassle. Our support team will guide you through the entire process. 

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SMS Messaging

Receive and send SMS and know exactly which campaign drove a response.

Phone Number Porting FAQ.

Our dedicated team of experts will make sure your phone numbers are properly set up and connected seamlessly and without hassle. Have more questions? We’re here to help.


Call Destinations.

Forward calls directly to your business, mobile phone or clients easily and without the need for complicated phone systems, IVRs or call center integrations.

Just tell Nimbata where you would like calls routed to when someone dials one of your call tracking numbers. 

Robust Call Routing.

Our sophisticated call scheduling options ensure that your calls will always reach the right agent. Set up different routes to different destinations on workdays, holidays or any other occasion. Customize your setup by hour or minute so that you get the most of every call. 

Geo Routing
Time of Day
Weighted Ringing
Day of Week
Multi Ringing
Priority Ringing

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