5 tips on how to carry out local marketing the right way 

Ease of Accessibility

Websites that are used for local businesses should be easy to use on mobile phones as more than half of the world’s internet traffic happens on the phone. The website must respond well on mobile phones, and this can be checked by using Google’s mobile-friendly test tool.


Clear information

Contents of the websites should resonate well with the local audience and with your consumers. All contents and means of marketing should clearly depict the area of interest. How the shop can be located or how you can be reached, and the services should be clearly explained with relevant information.


Utilize the Local media

News about your business should be on the local media. Radio adverts and local newspapers are still in use and will increase the exposure of the business.


Be an active member of your Community

Do not be passive in the community; support your community where and when you can. Extend a helping hand to the community. Communities will support you if you are an active member. Sponsor activities that can raise awareness or be involved in non-profit activities.


Give Offers and Rewards

Offer rewards to good customers and ensure all customers have a wonderful experience obtaining your goods or from the services you offered.