Can you relate?

Here's how to fix it!


"Call Extensions are useless - I haven't received any calls in months"




1. Local Numbers 

Customers are more likely to call a local number, as they may perceive it as more trustworthy and cost-effective. Local phone numbers:

✅ Establish a sense of legitimacy, trust and credibility

✅ Assure potential customers that they are dealing with a local business

✅ Resonate better with local audiences and create an immediate connection, making customers more comfortable reaching out.

2. Schedule your call extensions 

Make sure your campaigns having call extensions are only showing when someone is available to answer the phone. Timing plays a crucial role in maximizing call conversions. Analyze when your target audience is most active and schedule your ads to align with these peak times.

3. Copy, copy, copy!

A strong CTA prompts action and leaves no room for indecision. Crafting a compelling CTA like “Call Now for Expert Advice” triggers a sense of urgency and assures users they’ll receive valuable insights by making that call.

✅ Highlight your availability e.g. "24/7 Plumbing Services” or “Same Day Services"

✅ Phone Leads are high-intent leads, make sure your copy make them feel confident to pick up their phone

✅ Dynamic Search Ads are great to  match with your lead's very specific query e.g. "immigration lawyer emergency service 24/7”

4. The richer your ad, the better

The goal of using Call Extensions is to persuade your potential customers to call you before clicking to your ad. With that being said, keep in mind that the richer your ad is in terms of information given, the more likely is for your potential customers to call you.

✅ Use location extensions to foster accessibility and convenience

✅Use sitelinks that make you stand out from your competition e.g. Reviews, Online Offer

✅ Image Extensions can help your ad to make the difference within SERP

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