Does generating more phone calls feel like a never ending task?

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If you want more phone leads to reach out, make sure to follow these tip


Every business that does business over the phone wants people to call, but just having a call tracking software in place might not be the solution

A call tracking tool comes to help you replicate your success and identify areas of improvement, but generating phone leads is a whole different story, in which the main character is you...

🚀 Landing Page

Your LP shouldn't give a “Hey, everyone!” vibe, instead it has to speak directly to your audience. A well-structured and optimized LP should:

✅ Establish a sense of legitimacy, trust and credibility

✅ Assure potential customers that they are in the right place

✅ Drive your visitors to the desired action, without make them wonder "what's next"

✅ Make your visitors say “Wow, this business really gets me!”

🚀 CTAs

When it comes to CTAs the principle here is simple, tell your visitors what they should do next without really telling them. Your CTAs should:

✅ Reassure your visitors that completing a desired action (e.g. submitting a form, calling, or making a purchase) is effortless.

✅ Complement your section's copy

✅ Be aligned with your visitor's behavior. E.g. if your leads prefer to call you make it convenient for them to access your click-to-call CTA.

🚀 Call-Only Ads

Call-only ads are perfect for service-led businesses that offer emergency services. Your call-only ad should:

✅ First of all, be scheduled. There is no point to have an ad running if you are not there to pick up the phone.

✅ Have persuasive copy that builds trust (e.g. with testimonials) and makes leads comfortable and confident to call

✅ Use location targeting, local tracking numbers and call-centric & emergency keywords to avoid irrelevant lead

🚀 GMB  Optimization

GMB can put you on the "local hero" position and help you leverage to the maximum your local-based strategy. 3 things that can help you rank higher:

✅ Reviews - ask for your customers to leave an honest review and make sure to answer

✅ Information Accuracy: ensure your phone number is accurate, your business hours are up-to-date, and you've selected the most relevant categories.

✅ High-quality images and logo

🚀 Call Tracking

Here is where Call Tracking comes in, to shine a light on your call performance and help you identify what resonates better for your audience.

✅ Call Attribution - whether it's a specific ad campaign, call extension, or keyword, let the numbers show you where your qualified leads are and in which actions you should invest further

✅ LP Optimization - Create LP variations and test which copy resonates better for your audience, and brings more leads to your business

🚀 Call Tracking

✅ CTA Placements - Play and test out your cta placements, see what works best to avoid cta stuffing

Customize your dashboard to showcase the call reports that hold value for you, and filter out any distracting information.

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