4 ways to learn where callers found out about your business!

Ask callers where they found out about you


✔️ Free ✔️ Builds relationships with customers ❌ Time-consuming ❌ Not scalable ❌ Might annoy some callers ❌ Might get wrong answers

Track phone calls by measuring click-to-call action


✔️ Free ✔️ Can measure at scale ❌ Will not track phone calls from another device – manual dials ❌ Accidental clicks will count as conversions (that’s around 40% of clicks)

Track phone calls with Google Ads Phone Calls conversion


✔️ Free ✔️ Scalable ✔️ Tracks phone calls from all devices & manual dials ❌ Works only for Google Ads traffic ❌ Might attract spam callers

Track phone calls by using a Call Tracking software


✔️ Tracks & attributes every call ✔️ Works for all marketing channels a ✔️ Richer data such as recordings, transcriptions, caller ids and more! ❌ Paid option ❌ Might come across as complicated by people not familiar with UTMs