Best WhatConverts Alternatives for 2024 – Pros, Cons, Key Features, Pricing Comparisons

Best WhatConverts Alternatives for 2024 - Pros, Cons, Key Features, Pricing Comparisons Software Comparison Alternatives 1


WhatConverts is a very common choice among businesses that look for call tracking solutions. Its platform is user-friendly and offers features appropriate for various industries. WhatConverts also has a broad range of integrations available, making life easier for its clients.

All is not perfect though. Users have reported that WhatConverts has a steep learning curve and bugs here and there. Thus, many are on the lookout for other options. In this article, we are going to present some WhatConverts alternatives to keep in mind. These include Nimbata, Callrail, Ringba, Ringcentral, Invoca, CallTrackingMetrics, Hubspot and CallScaller.

A Quick Review of WhatConverts

Firstly, let’s take a look at WhatConverts’ main strengths and drawbacks.

WhatConverts is a user-friendly call tracking platform that offers detailed features for various industries and integrates with a wide range of marketing tools. Their transparent pricing structure includes plans for different budgets. Uniquely, their support team includes a co-founder who actively helps users understand the product. However, WhatConverts lacks some data management features and offers fewer overall services than some all-in-one marketing platforms.

Whatconverts Alternatives

We picked these alternatives after careful consideration. Their features, customer service and pricing plans were the top factors that we took into account, before presenting them. 

Company NameBest ForFree TrialPricing
NimbataSMBs, Agencies, Inhouse Marketers, Business Owners14 Day Free TrialStarts at 39$/month
CallrailBig Agencies & Enterprises14 Day Free TrialStarts at 50$/month
CallTrackingMetricsEnterprisesNot AvailableStarts at 79$/month
RingbaPay per CallersNot AvailableStarts at 127$/month
RingcentralCall CentersYes, only for video meetings.Starts at 30$/month
InvocaBig Agencies, Enterprises, Contact CentersNot AvailableNot Disclosed
HubspotSMBs14 Day Free TrialStarts at 90$/month (included in the Sales Hub solution)
CallscallerInhouse Marketers, Pay per Callers, Business Owners7 Day Free TrialStarts at 59$/month
Disclaimer: The information is accurate as of June 2024.

Nimbata – Top Overall WhatConverts Alternative for Attributing, Analyzing & Managing Leads

Best For: Small & Medium Businesses, Agencies, In House Marketers & Business Owners.

Price Starting at: 39$/month

Nimbata - Top Overall among WhatConverts Alternatives for Attributing, Analyzing & Managing Leads

Nimbata stands out as a marketer-focused call tracking platform, consistently ranking among the best in 2024. Designed by marketers for marketers, it empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights from phone leads and calls. This data becomes the key to making informed decisions.

Nimbata streamlines call recording, transcription, reporting, and tagging. By analyzing this information, businesses can pinpoint weaknesses in their phone marketing strategy and optimize key areas for better results. You can even explore comparisons with other call tracking tools to see if Nimbata is the perfect fit for your needs.

Some of Nimbata’s advantages include:

  • Customer Service: Nimbata offers a human-lead customer service, via Live Chat. It’s available to all customers, regardless of their payment plan. It’s also efficient and quick.
  • 35+ Reports: They provide a customizable board and over 35 reports that users can generate.
  • Timeline Reports: Their timeline reports can track the whole lead journey. This way, customers can see what works and what doesn’t in their lead generation process.
  • Native Integration: Nimbata is integrated with numerous apps and tools directly. This ensures smooth communication and data exchange between apps.
  • Pricing Model: Last but not least, Nimbata has an affordable and flexible pricing model. Users don’t have to pay anything, unless they answer calls. They also offer a 14 day free trial.
Best Feature– AI Call Summaries- Automation Rules- Configurative Native Integrations with Integration Triggers- Global Coverage- Manager Account {For Agencies}- 35+ Report Collection- Live Chat Support with Call Tracking Experts [12-min Response Rate]- Unique Pricing Model {Pay only per answered Call}– Automated Spam Blocking- HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking
Best ForSMBs, Agencies, Inhouse Marketers, Business OwnersAgenciesBusiness Owners
Most Important ConLow availability on AI featuresFewer call tracking features than dedicated platforms
Pricing39$/per month + usage to 149$/per month + usage30$/per month
Customer Service // SupportAvailable to All Users: Knowledge base Demo – Live Walkthrough Ticket SubmissionLive ChatPhoneKnowledge baseLive ChatDemo – Live Walkthrough

All in all, Nimbata is more affordable, has a better pricing model and customer service that is available to all users. 

You can test the platform for yourself. Sign up for a 14 day free trial here.

CallRail – Top WhatCoverts Alternative for Lead Classification for Agencies & Enterprises

CallRail - Top WhatConverts Alternative for Lead Classification for Agencies & Enterprises

Best For: Big Agencies & Enterprises

Price Starting at: 50$/month

More than just call tracking, Callrail is a powerful marketing platform trusted by over 200,000 businesses. It goes beyond basic call tracking by providing advanced analytics and communication tools designed to help businesses turn leads into sales.

  • Key Terms Spotted Report: Callrail provides the user with reports on the keywords and phrases most used during calls. These reports also highlight which calls that featured those keywords, can be marked as qualified leads. 
  • Sentimental Analysis: Callrail’s sentiments feature analyses incoming calls. This reduces manual labor and makes listening to call transcripts obsolete. It also shows the overall sentiment of a call and helps the user make better decisions based on them.
  • Copilot: Callrail’s Copilot allows users to view valuable information about a caller, before they even pick up the phone. It makes use of the caller ID to generate the necessary info.
Best Feature– Keyword Spotting- Sentimental Analysis- Copilot– Automated Spam Blocking- HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking
Best ForBig Agencies & EnterprisesAgenciesBusiness Owners
Most Important Con–  Many hidden costs and extra costs for add-ons & Integrations (e.g. Call-flow Steps, SalesForce Integration) – Users have reported being ghosted by support- Not available in the EU. Fewer call tracking features than dedicated platforms
Pricing50$/month to 150$/month, extra for usage30$/per month
Customer Service // SupportKnowledge base Ticket-based Support DemoPhoneKnowledge baseLive ChatDemo – Live Walkthrough

Both Callrail and Invoca are suitable for larger enterprises and offer advanced AI features. Callrail’s support might be lacking sometimes according to users, but it’s available to everyone. On the other hand, it has many hidden costs and it’s not available in the EU.

CallTrackingMetrics – Best Cost-to-Benefit WhatConverts Alternative

CallTrackingMetrics -  Top WhatConverts Alternative as a cost to benefit option.

Best For: Big Agencies & Enterprises

Price Starting at: 79$/month

CallTrackingMetrics lives up to its name as a top call tracking platform. Packed with features, it lets you track, analyze, and optimize all your marketing efforts in one place. The platform takes the frustration out of reporting with clear, informative dashboards, and its user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to use.

  • Friendly User Interface: Many customers find CalltrackingMetrics’ UI easy to use. They consistently mark it down as very friendly, simple and efficient. It allows them to perform tasks fast and without any difficulties.
  • Integrations: CallTrackingMetrics comes equipped with a vast array of integrated software. Google Analytics, Slack, Zoom and dozens of other apps and tools are available. Users can easily transfer data from one platform to another. This improves their workflow, removes time-consuming tasks and generally makes work easier. CallTrackingMetrics can also integrate with a variety of CRMs such as Hubspot, Pipedrive and Mailchimp.
  • Ease of Use: User reviews agree that CallTrackingMetrics is easy to install and start operating. It doesn’t require any particular technical expertise. People with different levels of digital skills can learn to use it in a reasonable amount of time. Thus, CallTrackingMetrics saves them lots of effort and doesn’t waste any more work hours than needed.
Best Feature– Smart Router- AskAI- Form Reactor– Automated Spam Blocking- HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking
Best ForEnterprises with huge call volumesAgenciesBusiness Owners
Most Important ConMany advanced features are locked behind more expensive plansFewer call tracking features than dedicated platforms
Pricing79$/per month + usage to 1999$/per month + usage30$/per month
SupportFor Every user: Knowledge base, Live and recorded training, Ticket portal
CTM offers more support options to its higher plans
PhoneKnowledge baseLive ChatDemo – Live Walkthrough

Although Invoca offers more advanced reporting tools, its vague pricing model hints at a high cost. CallTrackingMetrics is a very capable and more affordable option.

Ringba – Best WhatConverts Alternative for Professionals in Pay-per-call Marketing

Ringba - Best WhatConverts Alternative for Professionals in Pay-per-call Marketing

Best For: Pay per Callers

Price Starting at: 147$/month + usage

Designed specifically for marketers, brands, and pay-per-call businesses, Ringba goes beyond basic tracking. Their team combines AdTech expertise with marketing smarts, prioritizing user needs. This translates to a solution that understands the unique challenges their clients face and delivers results.

  • Purpose Built Call Tracking: Ringba’s call tracking is ideal for performance marketers. It has been designed by experts in the field. Ringba provides on-demand telecommunications, automated partner management and an intelligent call flow optimization.
  • Interactive Voice Response: Users can easily create interactive voice response trees that reduce labor costs. They can route calls by keywords, demographics, location and many other parameters as well.
  • Ring Tree: Ringba is integrated with the world’s largest call buyers. Users can access and bid on them in their own real-time marketplace. It’s completely no-code and can be scaled to no end.
  • Instant Caller Profile: Ringba provides its users with data on the caller, before they even pick up the phone to answer. There are no minimus and this data can be integrated with the IVRs to create a seamless routing experience.
Best FeatureEnhanced caller-level dataRing TreeInteractive Voice Response– Automated Spam Blocking- HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking
Best ForPay per CallersAgenciesBusiness Owners
Most Important ConRingba’s solution is targeted specifically on pay-per-callers & lead generation agencies managing huge affiliate networks.Fewer call tracking features than dedicated platforms
Pricing$147/month+ usage30$/per month
SupportKnowledge base Phone Support DemoPhoneKnowledge baseLive ChatDemo – Live Walkthrough

Ringba is tailor-made for pay-per-callers & well-connected lead-generation agencies. Other businesses might not find it as useful and its starting price might be a bit steep.

Ringcentral – Best WhatConverts Alternative for Contact Centers

Ringcentral - Best WhatConverts Alternative for Contact Centers

Best For: Call Centers

Price Starting at: 30$/month

RingCentral is a cloud-based communication hub that fosters seamless collaboration. From smartphones and tablets to video conferencing, it lets users manage all their calls – incoming and outgoing – on any device. This makes RingCentral a versatile solution for today’s businesses, offering a unified and accessible way to connect their teams, no matter where they are.

  • Smart Notes: Ringcentral automatically summarizes a phone call and produces transcriptions. The notes are split into categories: Key Updates, Action Items, Decisions made and Open Questions. 
  • Business Number Included: With each plan, users gain a business or toll-free number for free. This way, they can operate among different states or even countries without charging their customers.
  • Cross-platform operations: Ringcentral can seamlessly operate across different platforms. Users can install it on smartphones, desktops and tablets without any difficulties.
Best Feature– Smart Notes- Call Routing & Queue Management- Post-call highlights– Automated Spam Blocking- HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking
Best ForCall CentersAgenciesBusiness Owners
Most Important ConNo marketing insights & attributionFewer call tracking features than dedicated platforms
Pricing30$/month to 65$/month30$/per month
SupportKnowledge base Demo – Live Walkthrough Ticket Submission Live ChatPhoneKnowledge baseLive ChatDemo – Live Walkthrough

Ringcentral is more affordable and has advanced AI tools and post call data. It doesn’t offer any marketing insights and attribution though. Ringcentral is great for call centers, not so good for other businesses.

Invoca – Best AI Powered Alternative to WhatConverts

Invoca - Top AI Powered Whatconverts alternative.

Best For: Big agencies, enterprises and contact centers.

Price Starting at: Not disclosed.

Invoca is a cloud-based and AI powered call tracking software. It provides marketers with data from impound calls and helps them optimize their sales efforts. It makes use of machine-learning algorithms to analyze phone conversations. Thus, it enables the user to understand the caller’s viewpoint and its potential outcome. Its features include call tracking, call classification, call profile, caller identification, predictive modeling and data security.

Here are its main benefits:

  • AI Powered Analytics: Invoca’s AI-Powered conversation analytics allows for deep views into customer interactions. Users can receive valuable data from them and plan their sales strategy accordingly. The AI can also score an agent’s performance, creates transcripts and automates many processes and actions.
  • Marketing Reports: Invoca can generate reports that provide full attribution for every conversion achieved through phone. Marketing teams thus gain an edge on their planning and strategy.
Best Feature– AI Conversational Analysis- Robust Marketing Reports– Automated Spam Blocking- HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking
Best ForBig Agencies, Enterprises, Contact CentersAgenciesBusiness Owners
Most Important ConMany advanced features are paid extra as an addonFewer call tracking features than dedicated platforms
PricingNot disclosed30$/per month
SupportPhoneKnowledge baseLive ChatDemo – Live Walkthrough

Invoca’s reporting is superior to Whatconverts’, but its pricing model is vague. Potential users have to ask for a quote and most of its advanced features are charged extra.

HubSpot Call Tracking – Best Call Tracking Add-on included in CRM

HubSpot Call Tracking - Best Call Tracking Add-on included in CRM

Best For: Small & Medium Businesses that already use the HubSpot CRM.

Price Starting at: 90&/month (included in the Sales Hub solution)

While the CRM powerhouse HubSpot offers call tracking, it’s part of their Sales Hub package, not a separate tool. This makes it a good fit for small and medium businesses looking for basic call monitoring. However, compared to dedicated call tracking solutions, HubSpot’s features are more streamlined and may not offer the advanced functionalities needed for in-depth analysis.

  • Call Analytics & Reporting: Hubspot provides some basic reporting and analytic capabilities. They are enough for businesses that receive a small amount of calls and don’t require extensive data,
  • Call Recording & Transcription: Hubspot’s call tracking feature can produce call records, transcriptions and summaries. Ideal for saving time and keeping track of past calls.
  • Call Logging: With Hubspot, users can create unified contact profiles for every caller.
Best Feature– Call analytics reporting- Call recording and call transcription- Call summaries and tracked terms- Calls Logged on Contact-Level for united contact profile– Automated Spam Blocking- HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking
Best ForHubspot’s Call Tracking Solution is great for SMBs that already use Hubspot CTM and receive small amounts of calls and just want to keep track of outbound and inbound calls. It will cover their needs.AgenciesBusiness Owners
Most Important ConHubSpot falls short on providing the insights needed for Marketing Optimization Efforts. Isn’t Suitable for Marketers that want a tool that pairs seamlessly with Google Ads, Analytics etcFewer call tracking features than dedicated platforms
Pricing15$/month to 150$/month (including the Sales Hub features)30$/per month
Customer Service // SupportKnowledge base Demo – Live Walkthrough Ticket Submission Live Chat Phone SupportPhoneKnowledge baseLive ChatDemo – Live Walkthrough

Hubspot is not a stand-alone call tracking software. It comes bundled with the Sales HUB solution. It’s great for businesses that already use HubSpot and have very basic call tracking needs. Agencies or businesses with many incoming calls should opt for different tools.

CallScaller – Best WhatConverts Alternative Service for Billing Clients

CallScaler - Best WhatConverts Alternative Service for Billing Clients

Best For: In House marketers, Pay per callers, Business Owners for basic call tracking capabilities.

Price Starting at: 59$/month + usage

CallScaler is a complete toolkit for marketers and business owners. Packed with features, it offers everything they need to understand their calls and optimize their marketing. The easy setup and intuitive interface make CallScaler a breeze to use, putting valuable call insights at their fingertips.

  • Client Portal: One of CallScaler’s main distinguishing features is the client portal. User’s customers can log in to their own account and see their own communication details. They can thus save time and improve client trust and transparency.
  • Pay per Call: CallScaller automates the billing process for qualified calls. Users no longer need to create invoices manually. It can be integrated with Stripe for further flexibility. They can also set the billing frequency and customize rules.
Best Feature– Client Portal- Pay per call billing suite– Automated Spam Blocking- HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking
Best For– In-house Marketers – Business Owners & Pay per Callers that want an account with unlimited usersAgenciesBusiness Owners
Most Important ConAdditional Cost for GSheet IntegrationFewer call tracking features than dedicated platforms
Pricing59$/month +usage to 499$/month + usage30$/per month
Customer Service // SupportNo info providedPhoneKnowledge baseLive ChatDemo – Live Walkthrough

CallScaller is ideal for marketing teams, businesses and pay-per-callers that need unlimited users. Its pricing plans are affordable, although they charge extra for GSheets integration. We also couldn’t find much info on their customer service, beyond a contact form on their website.


In this article, we examined multiple WhatConverts alternatives. Making a final decision, can be difficult, so here’s a quick checklist to help you find the perfect fit for your business:

  • Right-Sized Solution: Does the software offer the features you need at your company’s stage? Consider your budget and team size.
  • Effortless Use: Is the interface user-friendly and intuitive? Easy setup and adoption are key for maximizing value.
  • Top-Notch Support: Will you have access to helpful customer service when you need it?
  • Customization Options: Can you tailor the software to your specific workflows and preferences?

By considering these key factors, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the call tracking software that empowers your business to thrive. Don’t hesitate to talk directly with company representatives to get a feel for their support and ensure they can meet your needs. Remember, call tracking can be a game-changer for your marketing efforts – invest the time to find the perfect match!