3 Benefits of Call Tracking for Directories & Listings

Call tracking for directories and marketplaces

Directories and listing companies lean heavily on call tracking to prove value to their customers. Keep reading to learn which are the top 3 benefits of call tracking for directories & listings.

I guess that leading a listing business, a directory or a marketplace can be hard in case you can’t prove the value of your services. Online interactions may have increased in volume, but there are some types of businesses where phone calls hold the bigger part of the sales pie. I am sure you know this very well. 

The thing is: how do you prove to your customers, recurring and prospective, that your services do work for them?  How is this done, unless you have call tracking in place?  In this post, I will explain everything you need to know to take your business a step further and face your competitors with confidence.  

First things first: How does call tracking work?

Call tracking is the process of capturing and reporting inbound call activity by displaying local or toll-free phone numbers on your website for marketing sources you wish to track. 

Numbers dynamically swap on your website and report the source of each call. This means that each visitor sees a unique phone number- assigned to the specific marketing asset that brought them in- but when they dial it, the call is forwarded to the business’s phone line. This way the process is seamless for the caller and the agent receiving the call.

Now you will normally ask: Why use call tracking for directories and marketplace businesses? Good question, I was just about to get to that. Let’s see the core benefits of a call tracking service such as Nimbata for directories.  

Benefit #1: Prove ROI to clients keeping them happy

Well, for businesses running directory and marketplace services, showing customers how many phone leads were generated is fundamental in accurately proving the return on their investment. Think about it.  Phone calls never lie! 

You can lean on call tracking to prove value to all those customers listed in your company. A call tracking software empowers you to grow your relationship with customers and keep them satisfied. 

After all, you can be confident about the services you offer, not to mention the fact that by accurately demonstrating the value of each listing, you can get more from premium subscriptions.  

Benefit #2: Get better attribution

By tracking incoming calls and attributing them to specific marketing sources, you get an accurate view of the channels that customers utilize in order to reach your listed clients. Supposing you run Google Ads to market your services you might want to ask:  How useful is call tracking in Google ads?

It is a lot, actually. 

With call tracking in place, you are able to identify keywords and ad groups that make your clients’ phones ring. In other words, call tracking provides the answers you need to optimize your campaigns for better performance and to use your budget smarter. No need to invest money in campaigns with uncertain ROAS. If you need to learn more about the process we follow to track calls at a keyword level, it will be our pleasure to explain everything in a free demo

Benefit #3: Gain deep customer insights

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Technology that Nimbata call tracking deploys is a powerful tool for online businesses because it can connect online and offline worlds and map the customer journey. To put it simply, call tracking helps you understand the journey your clients’ prospective customers followed until the moment they picked up the phone to call. This way, you can create more targeted campaigns with a higher likelihood to succeed.   

Why Nimbata call tracking? Because with Nimbata you get all those you need at very affordable prices:

1. An easy setup process

Nimbata has been designed in such a way that its setup doesn’t require any special technical knowledge. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to have call tracking in place on your landing pages. Besides, new users can take advantage of Nimbata’s knowledge base which includes step by step guides and instructional videos to facilitate the onboarding process. 

2. Global availability

Whether you are running your business at a local or a global scale, you can take full advantage of Nimbata’s extensive coverage in over 70 countries, in Europe, South America, and Australia. This means that with Nimbata you can get both local and toll-free call tracking phone numbers, which closely match those of your actual business lines. Here you can find the list with the supported countries. 

3. White glove support

Customer experience is a top priority and our commitment. You can use our support email or our in-app chat to instantly connect with one of our representatives, the moment you need help. The Nimbata team will make sure your questions are answered quickly, no matter where you’re located. 

All in all, Nimbata provides listings companies, directories, and marketplaces with powerful attribution tools for capturing online to offline activity so that they can foster long-term win-win relationships with their clients. Nimbata call tracking for directories and marketplaces can become a real game-changer.

… Now you know exactly what you need to do.

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