4 Call Tracking Tips to Drive Calls to your Small Business

call tracking tips

Before we list the top 4 call tracking tips to get your phone ringing let’s see what call tracking and call tracking analytics is all about.

The importance of investing in call tracking tools for small businesses does not only improve performance but also facilitates efficient customer relationship management. Globally, businesses are becoming more competitive, so small business owners continually look for effective means to boost conversions both online and offline, and one of the best strategies to employ is call tracking analytics.

But what is the difference between call tracking and call tracking analytics?

Call tracking is simply the strategy of tracking marketing activities that drive calls to your business by assigning a phone tracking number with newsletters, Google ads, Facebook ads, and other marketing channels.

Call tracking analytics is a technique of collecting, analyzing, and reporting the call that is tracked by a call tracking software.

So what are the 4 top call tracking tips small businesses can employ to boost their businesses?

1) Strategic Placements of Call to Action (CTA) on Landing Pages

If you’re using call tracking for your business, ensure to strategically place calls to actions on strategic locations on your landing pages. In this situation, the CTA would be one that leads to the prospect getting into a phone conversation with you. Hence, such CTA will include a number that potential customers can dial in order to transact with you.

This strategy increases the chances of potential customers going through this pattern, include a bonus or discount offer and this will help compel them to take this course of action. Such calls incoming phone calls can get tracked and analyzed. With call tracking tools such as Nimbata, you will get a complete overview of sources where you getting the most quality calls.


2) Tracking which marketing channels drive calls

With Call Tracking in place, you can setup your account to assign one number to each marketing channel you are advertising on. For instance, if your business will be using Facebook ads, Google ads, Newsletters, and offline ads, simply assign a number to each of the ads.

Calls per channel

This gives you clear data and information on the performance of each ad and you’ll be able to make informed decision on the marketing strategies that are effective for you and those that are not. You not only have accurate information but you also save cost from running an inefficient marketing strategy.

3) Session based tracking at keyword level

The use of keyword tracking technique is another means of defining the marketing activities that are most efficient for your business. When you have different keywords used in the different marketing campaigns you’ve initiated, you assign a unique phone number to the ads. When potential customers contact you, you already know the campaign with the keyword used that triggered the potential customer calling.


This strategy gives you precise keywords that resonate with your potential customers and helps you know which keywords do not. You can now redesign your campaigns with effective keywords that Drive conversion.

4) Location Marketing with local numbers

Geo tagging is simply the technique of including geographical identification to your marketing campaigns. When running your campaigns, you run a specific campaign for a location. Each of your campaigns is assigned to a geographical location this gives you data and information on which location you need to target more for your campaigns in order to improve your business.

Geo Report

This strategy gives you accurate information of new market for your business in case you are thinking of expanding your business to other locations. Data on effective  marketing campaigns to implement is vital for boosting the performance on your business, using the right strategy for your business will give you accurate data and information. A good strategy is to use phone numbers with a local prefix which callers are familiar with.


For your marketing activities to produce successful results, you need granular data. These 4 call tracking tips should help you understand which marketing actions make your businesses phone ring and focus on those efforts that are truly driving those quality phone leads!