Call Tracking for Small Business Owners – Top benefits and tips to drive more calls

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As a small business owner, you’re likely juggling a multitude of tasks every day. From marketing and sales to support, development, and project management, the responsibilities can feel overwhelming as you strive to keep your business thriving.

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Unfortunately, marketing is no longer as straightforward as it once was. Gone are the days of simply writing a caption, snapping a picture, and creating an ad. Today’s marketing landscape demands data-driven approaches to yield accurate results that justify your time and investment.

Call tracking is designed to provide precise attribution for every call. It’s a game-changer for small business owners, offering insights into what’s working and how much revenue each marketing effort is generating, all while automating certain processes. So, let’s explore some tangible tips and strategies for leveraging call tracking effectively to boost revenue and propel your business forward.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking for small businesses refers to the technology that enables the monitoring and recording of inbound phone calls. It’s essentially a system that traces how callers discovered your business. By assigning unique phone numbers to different marketing channels, small business owners can pinpoint which ads, campaigns, or search keywords are generating calls. This data is critical because it shows you what’s working in your marketing strategy and what’s not.

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Benefits Of Call Tracking For Small Businesses

As marketing becomes more and more Data-driven and AI-focused, the importance of quality data continuous to rise. Here are 5 ways call tracking can help you.

Transforming Small Business Leads to Customers

For small businesses, each incoming call holds the potential to convert into a valuable customer. Yet, without proper tracking and analysis, these leads can easily slip through the cracks. Implementing a call tracking system is the key to ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed. By monitoring every inbound call, you gain the ability to follow up promptly and effectively, ultimately increasing your chances of converting leads into loyal customers.

With call tracking data at your disposal, you can uncover invaluable insights, such as:

  • Identifying Trends: By asking the right questions when examining the data, you can discern patterns and trends that can inform your marketing strategies. For instance, you might inquire about the preferred calling times, the landing pages that drive the most calls, or the factors contributing to an increase in repeat callers on Monday mornings.
  • Understanding Customer Behavior: Through timeline and customer journey reports, you gain visibility into how each caller navigated your website. These reports reveal crucial information, such as the pages they visited before and after the call, as well as the specific page that prompted them to pick up the phone and reach out to you.
  • Tailoring Offerings and Messaging: Armed with insights into common reasons for calls—whether they’re inquiries about products/services, appointment requests, or support issues—you can tailor your offerings and messaging to better meet the needs of your potential customers. This personalized approach enhances the customer experience and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Improve Call Experience

A positive first impression and a seamless call experience are paramount, as they directly influence customer satisfaction and retention. The personal touch conveyed during a phone call can significantly shape how potential customers perceive your small business. In fact, 4% of consumers say they are “very likely” to choose another business after having a poor phone experience. So, how Call Tracking can help you with this?

  • Utilize Call Add-Ons: Incorporate features like personalized greetings to create a welcoming first impression for callers. A warm and professional greeting sets the tone for the conversation and establishes rapport with the caller from the outset.
  • Use Whispers: Set up custom messages, known as whispers, that you hear before answering a call. These messages can provide valuable context about the caller, such as their origin or the campaign that led them to contact your business. Armed with this information, you can better prepare for the upcoming conversation and tailor your approach accordingly.
  • Use Keypad Entry: Implement keypad entry options to streamline call routing and direct callers to the appropriate department or service. For example, prompt callers to press 1 for new orders or 2 to book a workshop seat. This simplifies the caller’s journey and ensures they reach the right destination efficiently.
  • Review Call Recordings: Take advantage of call recordings to evaluate your call scripts and monitor the performance of your team members. By listening to recorded calls, you can identify areas for improvement, refine your communication strategies, and ensure consistency in customer interactions.
  • Identify Peak Hours: Use Call Tracking data to uncover your business’s peak hours and days of high call volume. Armed with this insight, you can optimize your staffing schedule to ensure adequate coverage during busy periods, thereby enhancing customer service and maximizing efficiency.

Enhancing Your Lead Management Process

As said before, volume is much different than quality, and it’s impossible to get high-value leads if you don’t know what brings them in. That’s why managing and classifying your leads should be a priority

  • Score your leads: Lead scoring ranks your leads based on their likelihood to convert. This allows you to direct your efforts towards the most promising prospects, increasing your chances of success.
  • Provide insights about your leads: Knowing more about your leads, such as their location and call history, enables you to tailor your communication for a more personalized and effective interaction.
  • Integrate your call tracking software with your CRM system to create a seamless lead management process. Automatically capture call data, including caller information and call outcomes, directly into your CRM for easy tracking and follow-up.
  • Implement automated lead tagging to prioritize incoming calls based on factors such as caller demographics, call source, call duration, sales value etc.

Simplify and improve the way you handle missed calls

The most common thing with Small Business Owners, is that they have tons of missed calls, which are lost in the wild. But what missed calls mean to you? Lost Opportunities, Lost Customers, Lost Money. Monitoring and following up on missed calls is crucial

  • Configure missed call alerts on Slack or Gmail to receive notifications in real-time when calls are missed or go unanswered.
  • Prioritize your follow-ups based on the likelihood of your lead to converts
  • Take immediate action to follow up with missed calls to prevent lost opportunities and maximize conversion rates, by viewing all your missed calls in one single report
  • Enable voicemail transcription to automatically convert voicemail messages into text format to quickly understand the nature of missed calls and prioritize follow-up accordingly.

Reports that answer your question in minutes without digging the data

As a small business owner, time is precious. Traditional data analysis methods can be time-consuming and inefficient. Call tracking streamlines the process by providing comprehensive reports that answer your most pressing questions in minutes. From call volume and duration to conversion rates and ROI, call tracking reports offer actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions quickly.

With customizable dashboards and automated alerts, you can stay informed and proactive, driving continuous improvement and maximizing revenue.

  • Create customized dashboards to visualize key metrics such as call volume, conversion rates, and New vs Repeat callers, Missed Calls by channel etc.
  • Get daily, weekly or monthly Call Summaries in your inbox to be on-top of your performance in secords.
  • Set up alerts to notify you of any significant changes or anomalies in call activity, allowing for proactive management and decision-making.

Call Tracking for Small Business Growth: The basics and beyond

If you’re considering ramping up your efforts to boost phone sales for your small business, you’re on the right track. Here are some essential tips to get you started and take your call tracking strategy to the next level.

Set your goals and KPIs

As a newcomer to call tracking, setting clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential. Start by analyzing any historical call data you have and ask yourself pertinent questions. How many calls did we receive last month? How many of those calls resulted in a sale? By asking the right questions, you can establish realistic goals and metrics for success. Remember, it’s about continual improvement, so start small and refine your approach over time.

Strategic Placements of Call to Action (CTA) on Landing Pages

Strategically placing call-to-action buttons on your landing pages can significantly impact the number of phone conversations initiated with potential customers. Ensure that these CTAs lead directly to a phone conversation with your team. To further incentivize action, consider offering a bonus or discount to encourage prospects to engage with your business over the phone.

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Enable only the features you really need

When it comes to call tracking features, less is often more for Call Tracking newbies. Avoid overwhelming yourself by enabling only the essential features initially, then gradually expand as needed. Some indispensable features include:

  1. Call Recordings & Transcriptions: Increase your knowledge about your customer’ needs and create personalized experiences in order to develop stronger relationships with your callers and improve your engagement rates. 
  2. Greetings: Set the tone with a welcoming message that reflects your brand’s personality.
  3. Alerts on Slack or Gmail: Stay informed of missed calls in real-time to ensure timely follow-up.
  4. Google Ads integration: Track the performance of your Google Ads campaigns to identify high-value leads.
  5. Caller Journey Reports: Understand the paths taken by your most valuable leads to optimize your marketing strategies.
  6. Survey: Score and classify your leads directly from your keypad

Monitor Key Metrics weekly

Regularly reviewing key call tracking metrics such as call volume, duration, and conversion rates is crucial for optimizing your marketing efforts. Use this data to identify trends, assess campaign performance, and make informed decisions to refine your strategies.

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Put your creativity in action

Prompting visitors to call your business requires creativity and strategic placement of compelling call-to-action phrases. Use enticing language such as “Call now for a free consultation!” or “Speak to a specialist today!” on your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials.

People before calling you, they want to feel:

  • Welcome to call you (obviously).
  • Sure that there are in the right place.
  • Certain that someone will be in the end of the line, ready to address their questions.

Here are 2 examples of Ad Creatives that would make us call asap!

Meta Call Now Ad for Small Business Owners - Example
Meta Call Now Ad for Small Business Owners - Example Plumber


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