The Case for Call Tracking in Law Firms: 4 Key Reasons to Get Started

Call Tracking for Law Firms

Law firms are struggling with high advertising costs and call tracking for law firms is a must-have tool to ensure that your budget isn’t wasted.

Lawyers, similarly to doctors, belong to the same category of professionals everyone would prefer to avoid! You have to admit it. But, luckily for you, sometimes it is simply inevitable to steer clear of your services… And finally, we feel thankful for you. 

So, lawyers are most of the times associated with troubles and difficult situations. The more the troubles, the better.  Well, I personally haven’t been in serious trouble to need legal help, but I suppose that once it happens, somebody needs to call a lawyer asap. Not submit an online website form. 

You already know this!

Besides, we all have heard of that “one free phone call” that every arrested person can make to their lawyer or… to a person that will find them a lawyer. Calls to lawyers are not always so dramatic but still are one of the main ways people will initiate the process of finding legal help. In fact, calls could be considered the be-all for legal services. And unlike online contact forms, they can’t be measured if you don’t have a call tracking software in place. 

This is the most crucial reason why you need to establish call tracking. But there are more to follow. First things first: How does someone search for law firms? Apart from asking colleagues and friends, the most frequent way to do so is through a Google Search.

According to a survey from FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs, it was found that 74% of prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the office via phone. And you most probably use Google Ads to advertise your law office. Undoubtedly, these types of ads are an efficient way to get you in front of your target clients. 

Before we proceed…

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Add your phone number to your Google Ads description, if you haven’t done so until now. Make it easy for clients to call you. The same thing needs to be done for all the other marketing channels you use for your professional exposure (website, social media, etc.). It goes without saying that your website should be optimized for mobile users no matter what.  While Google Ads can be a highly effective marketing channel, the cost-per-click in the legal niche has a reputation for being notoriously high. You most probably face this issue.

Given the cost of a single Google Ads click, it is essential that the advertising budget is used frugally. With call tracking in place, you are able to identify keywords and ad groups that make your phone ring. This is the first benefit a call tracking app can offer to legal firms like yours. So, with a call tracking app you can:

1) Identify the most effective keywords generating phone calls

I will get back on this with and I will explain everything, but as a previous step, let’s see how a call tracking solution like Nimbata works.  Call tracking is the process of capturing and reporting inbound call activity by displaying local or toll-free phone numbers on your website for marketing sources you wish to track.

Numbers dynamically swap on your website and report the source of each call. This means that each visitor sees a unique phone number- assigned to the specific marketing asset that brought them in- but when they dial it, the call is forwarded to the business’s phone line. That is to say, the process is seamless for the caller and the agent receiving the call.

4 steps to set up Nimbata

Now that you know how call tracking works, it is easily understandable that a call tracking solution can help you recognize which keywords inspire prospective customers to call. You only need to integrate your Google Ads account with Nimbata in a few easy steps.

The Case for Call Tracking in Law Firms: 4 Key Reasons to Get Started Google Ads Integration

This information will be very significant for you, as you can laser focus only on the most efficient keywords and avoid wasting your budget on those underperforming. As I mentioned before, Google ads are expensive and the more money you save from waste, the better for your business. 

2) Increase phone leads and appointments 

To a bigger extent, call tracking helps you understand which of your marketing efforts do drive prospects to call. By measuring the ROI of each marketing channel, you can reallocate your budget on those sources that generate leads with a higher propensity to become high-value clients. Nimbata offers a comprehensive suite of reports and attribution tools to do so. 

The Case for Call Tracking in Law Firms: 4 Key Reasons to Get Started Analytics per source

It should be noted that call tracking is not only limited to online marketing sources. Every online or offline marketing asset you utilize can be tracked. Apart from your website, you can track the performance of print ads, radio and TV ads, even the business cards you hand out. You live in the 2020s! You have the necessary tools to measure your calls and make risk-free decisions.  

3) Improve Call Conversion Rates 

Nimbata can offer even more. With its useful toolkit of call recordings and transcriptions, you have the ability to monitor conversations, quantify the effectiveness of certain call scripts over others, and train employees, if needed. This is extremely important for new and old staff in order to respond in the most appropriate ways to the callers.

First impressions count and if your employees fail to properly handle customers that call your law firm, they will most probably never convert. Always remember that exceptional customer service is your best ad! In addition to this, you can use Nimbata’s call routing add-on to boost your appointment rates by directing calls to the suitable- according to the case- counsel. 

All the above will help you offer a better experience to people searching for a law firm while at the same time improving your call conversion rates. 

4) Assess the quality of your phone leads

Use call recording and call transcriptions to capture every detail mentioned in conversations. Obtain up to the minute details on how much time is being spent on the phone with every prospect or client. This will help you understand what type of customers you attract and whether the services you offer suit their needs. 

Additionally, Nimbata gives you the opportunity to tag calls with the following information:

  • what the call was about
  • if callers converted or not
  • If the call could be characterized as a good lead
  • if there was generated money from that call

Finally, you can add any other comments of the conversation.

The Case for Call Tracking in Law Firms: 4 Key Reasons to Get Started Manually tag calls

To cut a long story short, new prospects are seeking your help. And the easiest way to reach your practice is through a phone call. With that said, it is time to adopt a call tracking solution for your law firm and take advantage of all those it offers to businesses of your industry.

It’s ok if you have second thoughts. That’s why Nimbata offers a 14-day free trial– no need to even add your credit card. You are constantly fighting for your client’s rights, what about the good of your own business?