The Key to Success: 3 Essential Tools for Boosting Your Law Firm’s Marketing ROI

Law Firm Marketing

Law firm marketing has heavily relied on traditional advertising methods in the past and ROI has been probably one of the most important and most frustrating metrics for firms. As digitalization keeps taking over the global landscape, law firms must adapt to meet the changing complexities of growth demands.

1) Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools. Additionally, email marketing tools such as MailChimp, ClickFunnels and GetResponse are very cheap and they allow you to send unlimited emails to thousands of prospects at the cheapest rate possible. Additionally, you get to reach and engage your audience conveniently.

As a law firm, no matter what the size of your clients looks like, email marketing will always work for you. Email Marketing tools such as GetResponse allow you to create automated sequences that follow through the customer journey from sign up to making a purchase. Additionally, you get to personalize your messages to your leads based on their actions on your pages.

The Key to Success: 3 Essential Tools for Boosting Your Law Firm's Marketing ROI emailmarketing

These tools come with in-built analytics designed to monitor visitors’ behaviors on your website, and the effectiveness of your campaigns. Also, you can retarget to your prospective clients, create personalized offers and even automate your email marketing campaigns.

On average, effective email marketing campaigns have an open rate of 22.5 percent. That is, for every email campaign sent to about 100 prospects you get about 22 persons to open your email. That means 22 prospects. We recommend that you integrate email marketing into your overall law firm marketing tactics.

2) Google Ads

Imagine the millions of people searching for attorneys online and other legal search queries. The average brand on Google reports an ROI of $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads.

Google Ads allow you to boost your revenue faster and smarter. Additionally, with Google Ads, you get to put your brand in front of your audience based on specific keywords and search queries. To succeed with Google Ads, we advise that you conduct competitive analysis and ensure to differentiate your brand. Also ensure that your focus keywords speak to the search’s intent with the readiness to hire a lawyer.

The Key to Success: 3 Essential Tools for Boosting Your Law Firm's Marketing ROI googlead1

Your landing pages, website must also be highly converting in nature and must be ready for conversions. Last but not the least, we advise that you prioritize calls over all else. Hence the need to integrate a call tracking software such as Nimbata on your website. A phone call is at the pointy end of the sales funnel and they’re worth much more than a click to a website in the legal industry. Hence we recommend that you prioritize call-only campaigns and monitor every call. Also, retargeting is a core feature of every successful campaign. Monitor, analyze and then retarget.

3) Nimbata

We’ve discussed the importance of email marketing and benefits of Google Ads. But none of these tools actually tell you who actually picked up the phone to call you. Call tracking tools such as Nimbata monitor which of your campaigns generates calls. This enables you to monitor which of your campaigns could result into better ROI.

Calls per channel

The intention to make a phone call demonstrates a greater intent than opening an email. Hence, you may be losing a lot of prospects if your law firm has not started utilizing call tracking in its digital marketing strategy. These tools do not only track your calls, they also attribute calls to the sources driving them and optimize your efforts to convert more prospects easily.

This is usually done by assigning local or toll-free numbers to your marketing campaigns. Additionally, Nimbata has a feature that allows you to interact with your customers through SMS and you get a detailed report of which of your campaigns drove a response.


Now you know that with the right tools and some tweaks in your digital strategy, your law firm will soon be outperforming your competitors.

And don’t forget! Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you would like to learn more about how Nimbata can help you discover which ads will make your prospects pick up the phone and call you.