Driving Growth: How Call Tracking Delivered an 86% Spike in Phone Leads

Nimbata Case Study for the Automotive Industry

Read our call tracking case study to learn how Nimbata’s cross channel attribution helped a leading European company in the Automotive industry achieve a 86% rise in qualified calls!

Undoubtedly, our world is going digital, and the automotive niche is not an exception. Our client, a leading European company in the Automotive industry, is totally aligned. However, they can’t afford to ignore the fact that they still receive a considerable amount of calls that lead to appointments and sales.

Actually, phone calls remain a significant factor in the Automotive industry. In a study by Google a few years ago, it appeared that over 50% of customers in the automotive niche who used mobile search, ended up calling the automotive companies of their interest directly from a search result. Therefore, although the majority start their journeys online, at some point, they turn to their dialpads in order to get answers fast and make appointments.

The Challenge

Phone calls matter, but measuring their impact on sales is very challenging if you don’t use the right attribution tool. In fact, this was the greatest pain point for our client, who turned to Nimbata seeking a trusted call tracking software to measure the actual number of phone leads they received, and even more, to understand which were the marketing channels generating them. Afterward, they had to find ways to drive more calls from those marketing sources that provenly convert to appointments and sales.

Moving a step further, they needed to test which of their 3rd party marketplaces worked best bringing referrals to the business. Lastly, the client was seeking a way to reduce non-sales calls (e.g. support questions and requests) from their marketing campaigns. Knowing the call volume of those non-qualified calls, the client could limit the operational costs by updating their website with relevant information.

The Solution

How did we help our client overcome their business challenges? First off, since the company had at that time been advertised in more than 10 online marketing channels at a national level, they needed a pool of local tracking numbers to be assigned per source. The next step was to deploy Dynamic Number Insertion Technology (DNI) to dynamically swap tracking numbers on the website and reveal the channels that generate phone calls. With the above in place, the client managed to gain significant customer insights at a session level, understanding which channels, campaigns, and keywords generate high quality leads for the business.

The Results

The fact that the company started to measure inbound calls coming from all its marketing channels, helped to steadily gain total visibility over their marketing performance. This way, they could make much better decisions based on accurate marketing data. In other words, they paused those campaigns which resulted in mediocre and poor marketing results, and allocated their budget to campaigns that brought quality leads and sales to the business!

With Nimbata Call Tracking in place, the following year-on-year results from 2018 to 2019 were achieved:

* 26% rise in phone calls

call tracking case study
26% Rise in Phone Calls between 2018-2019

* 28% rise in first-time callers (new leads)

28% Rise in First-Time Callers
28% Rise in First-Time Callers

* 86% rise in qualified calls

86% Rise in qualified calls
86% Rise in Qualified Calls (3 minutes minimum call duration)

* 2x calls from Google Ads

2x calls from Google Ads
2x Calls from Google Ads

The Steps Ahead

Moving forward, in 2020, our client expanded the usage of our call tracking service to more areas of their business in the Automotive industry. More specifically, as they entered the Polish automotive market for the first time, they set up local tracking numbers to track all their inbound phone leads. Additionally, they integrated Nimbata with their CRM to attribute their revenue streams back to each inbound phone call. In the near future, our client is planning to utilize transcriptions, one of Nimbata’s add-ons, in order to monitor all the interactions with customers over the phone and extract significant conversational insights that will help the business both in terms of Marketing and Operations.

If you identify common pain points and challenges, let’s set together the proper action plan to maximize results for your business. Remember: Sky’s the limit!