4 Proven Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms

Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms

If you’re looking for the best and proven marketing strategies for accounting firms, then you’ve come to the right place. You will find these strategies very useful no matter the size of your company, size of your employees, your years in business and your current annual revenue. These strategies are cost effective and you can start on any budget. If you are ready to scale your accounting firm’s ROI in a matter of months then read on!

Create Lead Magnets on Your Website

Websites are no longer just a recommendation to boost your online presence. They’re now a must-have. But a website alone without any lead-generation feature won’t grow your audience. You need something more. Something that holds a value and that can be shared. Here’s where lead magnets come into play. When visitors come on your website you don’t want them to leave without submitting their contact info.

4 Proven Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms accounting lead magnet

So you need to encourage them to submit their contact information so you can promote your offers to them. And to do this effectively you need an item that holds a value and that can be shared for free to encourage your audience to submit their details. A lead magnet is basically an incentive offered by marketers and organizations to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information. In most cases marketers exchange information (lead magnets) for email addresses because it is cost effective and can also be automated.

This lead magnet could be in the form of a downloadable EBook, Webinars or a checklist. Lead Magnets enable you to quickly grow your reach and promote your accounting services to these businesses.

Run Live Events

Traditionally, live events used to happen in conference rooms and auditoriums. There are limitations to this approach in terms of cost and reach. The possibilities of having someone travel from another country to attend your live event is limited. But that’s not a problem anymore. There are a lot of solutions that can handle live events online and simulate real-life conditions.

4 Proven Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms accounting webinar

Applications like Zoom allow you to hold live webinars and connect with your audience from any location. Additionally, it has features to share your live event meeting to reach a wide range of audience. The message is very important in your events so you can acquire new leads. Think of the problems that your audience is facing. In the accounting niche, your audience are probable business owners, private and public organizations. Conduct your research to identify their major pain points and what they need.

Then hold a virtual event and demonstrate how you can help them solve their problems. You will need to look professional, and ensure to close the deal with event follow-up to ensure the success of this virtual live event.

Leverage the Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing is king. No matter your industry, you have to show your expertise and prove your authority and accounting firms are no exception. Organize a content structure that addresses business accounting challenges. The content marketing strategy should include social media marketing and videos on YouTube. Leverage case studies and testimonials as part of your content marketing efforts and share these on your website.

Google Ads and Call Tracking

A lot of accounting firms have been asking the secret of getting Ads right to scale their ROI. You will learn the strategy in this section. The first tip, most accounting firms send in traffic from their AdWords campaigns to their home page. But we recommend that you direct traffic from your campaigns to your landing page. This ensures that client-specific queries are answered and there’s no distraction. Secondly, this strategy works well. Integrate a call tracking solution such as Nimbata to your AdWords campaign. Then assign a local or toll-free number to your AdWords campaigns. Then analyze calls coming directly from your campaigns and follow-up.


Successful accounting firms never stop marketing. Marketing is a continuous process that involves lots of different channels and numerous testing. Develop a content marketing strategy, leverage the power of call tracking with AdWords and watch your ROI increase. Ready to apply these 4 proven Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms to your business?